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The best time has begun

It was unusually loud in Walchwil this Saturday. The Guggenmusig Cheschtänärigler performed their songs in front of the Sternen restaurant, creating an exuberant and cheerful atmosphere for young and old alike.

Beforehand, they met with the military shooting club for a memorial mass in the church, from where the music society accompanied the guests to Sternen to offer them their first drink. At the same time, the shooting club retired to the restaurant for the general meeting, which was held for the 145th time.

Traditional meeting
The rest of the attendees met in the Zugersee garage after the concert, which is considered a tradition. The shooting club and the carnival society provided the entertainment and offered the hungry carnival fans a delicious soup. Naturally, the celebrations continued well into the night to mark the start of the best time in Walchwil.

The rest of the Fasnacht programme

3 February 2024
Old gymnasium, 20:00 hrs
Square concert 19:30

8 February 2024
Carnival for young and old
Mütschi retirement home, 14:00 hrs

10 February 2024
Carnival Saturday
from 9:00 am Hedgehog sale throughout the village
9:00 am to 12:00 pm on the village square!

11 February 2024
Carnival service
Parish church of St John the Baptist, 10:00 am

13 February 2024
Children's gift-giving
Parish hall, 14:00

13 February 2024
Fyrabig Bar, 20:00

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