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Closure of Hinterbergstrasse

Due to considerable water masses, the Hinterbergstrasse has subsided in the area of Franzoseloch.

For safety reasons, the Hinterbergstrasse remains closed above the Elisabeth Centre as far as Franzoseloch.

The water ingress in the old wooden boxes has led to further subsidence of around 2-3 cm since Friday. To prevent more water from entering the cracked areas, the cracks are being filled with gravel.

The uphill pavement surface looks stable at the moment and can be opened for the direct residents (passenger vehicles) and blue-light organisations. For other road users, especially heavy vehicles, the Hinterbergstrasse remains closed in order not to put additional stress on the vulnerable wooden boxes. The rehabilitation of the landslides on Hinterbergstrasse, which is to be carried out in October 2021, has been planned for some time. In view of this imminent measure, it seems reasonable to keep the Hinterbergstrasse closed.

The situation will continue to be monitored. Should it become apparent that the subsidence is stabilising, a lifting of the closure can be considered.

Municipality of Walchwil, 21 July 2021


First public e-charging station in Walchwil

Municipal President Stefan Hermann and WWZ CEO Andreas Widmer unveiled the new charging station at the Walchwil station car park on Friday, 2 July 2021.

Here, two vehicles can be charged simultaneously with regional solar power. The charging point is part of the EVPass charging network (, the payment process is contactless by credit card and all common charging network cards.

As with all of WWZ's public charging points, charging is also carried out using 100 per cent regional solar power. Walchwil is thus taking a further step towards obtaining the Energy City label.

"Today, most electric cars are charged at home or at work," explains Andreas Widmer. "But a well-developed public charging network offers security, especially for journeys beyond the usual distances, and also contributes to the attractiveness of a municipality as a location."

Stefan Hermann adds: "We want to make our contribution at the municipal level and provide forward-looking mobility infrastructures to a reasonable extent."

The municipality is pleased to be able to provide the general public with an e-charging station in the centre of the municipality, which is operated by WWZ AG on behalf of the municipality.

Walchwil municipal council


Good basis for Walchwil's finances

Revenues have increased. The per capita debt has turned into assets, and the number of inhabitants has also increased.

The municipal council has taken note of the 2020 financial statement. With revenues of CHF 29,508,384.04 and expenses of CHF 24,058,909.52, the 2020 income statement shows a surplus of CHF 5,449,474.52. A surplus of CHF 1,458,300 was budgeted.

The development is pleasing and a good basis for the future.

The net assets for 2020 amount to CHF 7,543,547, which results in per capita assets of CHF 1,973. The number of inhabitants has increased from 3710 to 3824.

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