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Enlargement of the Wihelbach stream culvert

The Wihelbach stream culvert near Schulhausstrasse will be enlarged from 4 September 2023. In addition, the wastewater pipeline in the Wihelbach will be relocated out of the stream by drilling a borehole under the SBB line.

Closure of Schulhausstrasse
From 18 September to 22 October 2023, Schulhausstrasse will be closed to vehicle traffic in the area of the Wihelbach stream culvert. Residents of Schulhausstrasse north of the construction site will be able to access and leave via Engelmattstrasse during this time. The barrier will remain open during this time. Pedestrians can pass the construction site at any time.

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please contact the Head of the Construction/Planning Department, Michael Ferrari, telephone 041 759 80 17. Thank you for your understanding.

Walchwil Municipal Administration, Building/Planning Department


The Vorderbergstrasse is being renovated

The Vorderbergstrasse (section Dorfbach to Forchwaldstrasse) is being renovated on behalf of the municipality of Walchwil. The work includes the replacement of the bituminous superstructure, the edging including the new pavement crossings as well as sewerage work. The overhanging Grueb pavement will be sealed and the Chilchmatt retaining wall, which has become crooked in the meantime, will be replaced by a new retaining wall made of Nagelfluh blocks.

The work will begin on 3 July 2023 and last until the end of December 2023, depending on the weather.

Due to the tight space conditions and in order to maintain traffic and property access, the construction work will be carried out in stages. A one-way system will be set up so that residents can pass through as unhindered as possible. This will avoid disruptive red light phases and optimise the construction process. During the construction work, Vorderbergstrasse will only be accessible uphill, although depending on the stage, not the entire road will be affected.

There will be a closure in the Grueb area due to the tight curve. We will inform you about this in good time. We will also inform you if the bus line 5 of Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe cannot use the usual route. The local bus line 26 will run as usual outside the closure, which is made possible by short red light phases. The construction company has been instructed to allow pedestrians to pass safely at all times.

Up-to-date information can be found on our homepage ( We thank you for your understanding.

Overview of the planned construction schedule
In order to ensure an optimal construction process and smooth traffic flow, a one-way traffic regime will be introduced during the construction period. Depending on the stage, not the entire route will be affected.


Population survey: What does your Walchwil look like in 2040?

The municipal council is working on the municipal strategy 2040 until the end of 2023. To this end, it has also conducted a workshop together with residents under the name "1st Walchwil Café".

In order to validate the results of the project to date, the municipal council would like to invite you to participate in a population survey. Please share your opinions, assessments and needs regarding the development of the community and help us to shape Walchwil. The survey includes topics such as values, positioning, image, qualities, global challenges, growth, priority topics and sustainability.

You have the opportunity to participate in the survey in writing or digitally. The survey will run until Sunday, May 28, 2023. You can obtain the written questionnaire at the municipal administration counter. You can also find the online version of the survey under the link

Your input is very valuable for the municipal council and will flow into the Municipal Strategy 2040. Take an active part in shaping the future of Walchwil and support us in equipping Walchwil for the future. The municipal council would like to thank you for your input and commitment.


Walchwil: Income surplus of CHF 2.0 million


Contributions to the promotion of renewable energy sources

From 1 June 2023, Walchwil will begin to financially support renewable energy sources. The funds earmarked for this in the budget are to be used to promote photovoltaic systems.

The contributions are intended for existing buildings where a new photovoltaic system is to be installed or an existing one is to be replaced by one with better performance. The ordinance on the new energy law of the Canton of Zug will be in force from 1 January 2023. New buildings are therefore excluded from the support programme because renewable energies are a prerequisite for them and are therefore legally required.

The municipality of Walchwil has earned the label "energy town" through its many years of commitment in the field of energy. The associated energy mission statement shows that the municipality wants to promote renewable energy. The corresponding guidelines will come into force on 1 June 2023.

In the 2023 budget, CHF 50,000.– are earmarked for the financing of photovoltaic systems. Applications for subsidies can be submitted from 1 June 2023. Applications received before this deadline cannot be considered. It is mandatory to submit an application before the construction is realised. It is pointed out that the building law aspects must be taken into account and coordinated in advance with the Building/Planning Department.

The commune council wants to make a concrete contribution to a future-oriented energy policy with contributions to the promotion of renewable energy sources.

Walchwil Municipal Council

For queries
Energy/Energy Advisory Service, Stefan Jäggi,, Phone 041 759 80 04.


Digital village entrance steles in Walchwil

For about a month now, two digital village entrance steles have been sending a warm welcome to the numerous passers-by and drivers at the entrance to the village.

And not only that. The two entrance signs provide information on events organised by the associations and the municipality. They replace the previous two welcome boards. With the new solution, several events can be displayed simultaneously on the digital information boards at intervals of around 30 seconds. This reduces the time and effort needed to produce posters for the organisers and associations. In future, they will be able to submit their events in digital form.

The municipality prepares the events and messages in a uniform appearance and they appear later on the village entrance after a few clicks. The village entrance points also serve to provide information about the parking situation on the sunny Walchwilerberg on foggy days.

For enquiries
Stefan Hermann, community president,, telephone 041 768 98 72


Debt collection office Zug - Walchwil

On 1 January 2023, the debt collection offices of Zug and Walchwil will be merged into one debt collection district, which will be known as the "Zug debt collection district". The decisive factors for this were, among other things, the increasing complexity of the cases and the increasing difficulty of being able to staff such a demanding office part-time with a qualified specialist. The debt collection office is part of the cantonal administration of justice, which is carried out by the communes.

According to the Introductory Law to the Federal Law on Debt Collection and Bankruptcy of the Canton of Zug, several municipalities can form a joint debt collection district with the approval of the High Court. Following Susanne Schnyder's application for early retirement at the end of December 2022, the municipal council advertised the position for open applications. Several applications were received in response to the advertisement, but these did not lead to the desired result. In October 2022, the Zug City Council and the Walchwil Municipal Council signed an agreement on the modalities for a merger of the debt collection offices and submitted it to the High Court of the Canton of Zug for approval. Within the debt collection district, a joint debt collection office will be run in Zug from 1 January 2023. The merger is not new territory for the city of Zug. Since 2017, the Zug debt collection office and the Steinhausen debt collection office have formed a single office.

Walchwil municipal council


Budget 2023: Income surplus forecast

The municipal council is forecasting an income surplus of CHF 20ʹ000 for 2023 and a reduced tax rate of 53% (previous year 55%).

The income statement for 2023 foresees expenses of CHF 23,672,900 and income of CHF 23,692,900, resulting in an income surplus of CHF 20,000. This budgeted surplus is based on the proposed reduced tax rate of 53%. Compared to the 2022 budget, expenses are CHF 1,690,800 higher, mainly due to extraordinary and one-off expenses for the one-off write-off of the centre planning as well as IT migration and the "Integrated Communication" project. In addition, personnel costs will also increase due to additional planned positions (notary's office, school secretary and communications specialist), individual increases in staffing levels and inflation. The 2023 budget also foresees an increase in income of CHF 1,668,800 compared to the previous year as a result of a slight increase in expected tax income and the higher expected income from property gains tax.

In 2023, investments of CHF 3.24 million are planned, of which CHF 1.02 million for the renovation of the Vorderbergstrasse (Dorfbach-Blimoos) and the Gerbiweg. In the area of drainage, a new construction and two renovations of sewage pipes amounting to CHF 1.04 million are planned. The investment bill also includes CHF 300,000 for the integration costs of restructuring the IT for the administration and expanding the network, CHF 200,000 for a replacement of the fire brigade's command vehicle, CHF 145,000 for a new municipal vehicle (postponed from 2022) and CHF 100,000 for the renovation of the landing stage (also postponed from 2022).

Walchwil Municipal Council

For queries
Stefan Hermann, Municipal President,, T 041 768 98 72.


Community of Walchwil in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

With a donation, the municipality of Walchwil supports the population of Ukraine in the difficult humanitarian situation. At its meeting on March 14, the municipal council decided that the municipality will transfer a contribution in the amount of 10'000 Swiss francs to Médecins Sans Frontières/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

The ordinary budgeted support for projects of extra-cantonal and international institutions will not be affected by this donation.

Municipal Council Walchwil


Reservation Day Pass SBB

You have the green light on all SBB and Swiss Post routes, as well as on most private lines and boat connections. In addition, with the "Day Card Municipality" you can use public transport free of charge in over 30 Swiss cities. The only exceptions are some private railways and car transport companies.

Only residents of Walchwil are entitled to purchase a day pass. Day tickets are sold to non-residents if tickets are still available two days before the date of travel.

Reservations are accepted at the earliest three months before the date of travel. They can be made by telephone (+41 (0)41 759 80 10), at the ticket office or via the online service.

Day tickets can be obtained at the earliest 90 days before the date of travel at the counter of the Residents' Registration Office Walchwil, Dorfstrasse 23. The tickets will not be sent by post.

An exchange of the purchased day tickets or a refund of the purchase price is excluded. Reserved day tickets can be cancelled up to a maximum of five full working days before the date of travel (cancellation up to the evening before the five full working days before the date of travel, Saturday/Sunday/holiday excluded). After this deadline, the full amount will be charged if the day ticket cannot be resold. Cancellations can be accepted by telephone or e-mail within the deadline.

A price of CHF 40.00 is charged per day ticket and day of use. The amount must be paid when the ticket is purchased.


Reservation of day tickets Rigi cableways

In connection with the subscription to the shares of the cable car Kräbel - Rigi Scheidegg AG, the municipality of Walchwil is entitled to five non-personal annual season tickets for the population of Walchwil. One annual season ticket (= 365 day tickets) will be issued to groups (10 persons or more) and four annual season tickets (= 4 x 365 day tickets) will be issued to individuals from 23 December 2017.

The day tickets can be used for any number of free journeys on all railway networks of Luftseilbahn Kräbel - Rigi Scheidegg AG and Risi Bahnen AG.

Entitlement to purchase
Only residents of Walchwil are entitled to purchase day tickets.

Reservations are accepted at the earliest three months before the date of travel. They can be made by telephone (+41 (0)41 759 80 10) or at the ticket office. The first name, surname and date of birth of all passengers must be given when making a reservation. Reserved tickets must be collected from the ticket office within one week.

Day tickets can be obtained at the earliest 90 days before the date of travel at the counter of the Residents' Registration Office Walchwil, Dorfstrasse 23. The tickets will not be sent by post.

Day tickets cannot be exchanged or the processing fee refunded. Day tickets that are not collected will be invoiced.

A handling fee of CHF 10.00 is charged per day ticket. The amount is to be paid when the ticket is obtained.


The municipalities of Walchwil and Baar cooperate

The municipality of Walchwil is outsourcing part of its notarial services to the municipality of Baar. The cooperation will begin on 1 January 2022.

Notary's offices perform important functions in the municipalities of the inhabitants: They are responsible for all public certifications in civil matters (real estate law, matrimonial property and inheritance law, company law, etc.). Smaller municipalities in particular are not always able to guarantee notarial services if the person in charge is unavailable. The presidents of the municipalities in the canton of Zug have therefore suggested network solutions: municipalities should cooperate in the area of notarial services, use synergies and optimise the public service.

The municipalities of Walchwil and Baar have therefore drawn up and finalised the modalities of such cooperation in an agreement. Within the framework of this agreement, the notary's office of the municipality of Baar will carry out some of the work for the notary's office of the municipality of Walchwil from 1 January 2022. The four notaries of the Baar residents' municipality will thus relieve the Walchwil notary and municipal clerk René Arnold. The latter handles the triage of business cases and instructs the notary's office of the municipality of Baar. Cases assigned to the Baar notary's office are executed from the Baar location. The clients of the Walchwil notary's office are informed accordingly. Notarisations will continue to be carried out by the municipal office in Walchwil. The cooperation with Walchwil is not new territory for Baar. Baar has already been handling the notary's office of the Neuheim residents' municipality since 1 August 2020.

The notary's office of the Baar residents' municipality is located in the municipal administration at Rathausstrasse 6 in Baar. The official opening hours apply. In order to guarantee the services, it is requested that an appointment be made. If possible, the notaries are also available for clients outside the official opening hours.

The agreement approved by the Cantonal Department of Home Affairs is initially valid for a period of two years. After this period, the agreement will be evaluated and a decision made on how to proceed.

Municipal Council Walchwil, Municipal Council Baar


First public e-charging station in Walchwil

Municipal President Stefan Hermann and WWZ CEO Andreas Widmer unveiled the new charging station at the Walchwil station car park on Friday, 2 July 2021.

Here, two vehicles can be charged simultaneously with regional solar power. The charging point is part of the EVPass charging network (, the payment process is contactless by credit card and all common charging network cards.

As with all of WWZ's public charging points, charging is also carried out using 100 per cent regional solar power. Walchwil is thus taking a further step towards obtaining the Energy City label.

"Today, most electric cars are charged at home or at work," explains Andreas Widmer. "But a well-developed public charging network offers security, especially for journeys beyond the usual distances, and also contributes to the attractiveness of a municipality as a location."

Stefan Hermann adds: "We want to make our contribution at the municipal level and provide forward-looking mobility infrastructures to a reasonable extent."

The municipality is pleased to be able to provide the general public with an e-charging station in the centre of the municipality, which is operated by WWZ AG on behalf of the municipality.

Walchwil municipal council

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