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Extension of Geisswaldstrasse

The Geisswaldstrasse is being extended and renovated. In addition to widening the road to 4 metres, the work includes the creation of two passing places and the replacement of the bituminous surface.

The work will start on 1 March 2021 and last until around August 2021, depending on the weather. The road will remain single-lane. Residents affected will be informed separately by the construction management about local restrictions.

Walchwil, 19 February 2021, Construction/Planning Department


Municipal administration open again

From Monday, 1 March 2021, the municipal administration will be open again as usual, in compliance with the protection concept. However, if you wish to make an appointment at the municipal administration, we recommend that you contact the relevant administrator in advance by e-mail or telephone, or by calling 041 759 80 10 or e-mailing, as most of the staff are in their home offices.

We also ask you to check whether your request can also be dealt with online. You will find numerous services in this regard in our online desk. Many thanks.



Winter road maintenance 2020/2021

The municipality of Walchwil is also prepared for the coming winter to provide winter services (snow removal and salting) on private roads free of charge. However, the following restrictions apply in accordance with §22 of the road regulations:

On private roads in poor structural condition (protruding shafts, shifted edges, damaged base courses, etc.) no winter road clearance service or only a reduced winter road clearance service will be provided. The road owners must bear any damage caused by the winter road clearance service themselves. The right to damages caused by gross negligence is reserved.

In any case, the road owners remain liable for private roads.

We ask the public to take note of the fact that snow from private and forecourt areas may not be brought onto roads and pavements. It is the responsibility of the offenders to ensure that this snow is disposed of without obstructing third parties (clearing vehicles, road users). Hydrants may not be covered with snow. They must be freely accessible and visible to the fire brigade in all weather conditions. The performance of winter sports activities on public roads is at your own risk or responsibility.

Walchwil, 6 November 2020
Municipality of Walchwil, infrastructure/security

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