The portal for a lively Walchwil
Das Portal für ein lebendiges Walchwil


A gift for the worshippers

Dear churchgoers

After a service or other church event, a visit to the Chile Café is a welcome opportunity for many to be together in a cosy atmosphere and to chat. The currently valid Corona regulations make it impossible to ensure the operation of the café with a proportionate effort and to comply with all the rules.

However, it is of great concern to the church council and the congregation leader that a get-together is possible despite Corona.

Until further notice, worshippers will receive a voucher for a "substitute coffee" in the Café Riviera. It will be distributed at the end of each service and is valid for the current day.

We hope that this will encourage many Walchwilers to take advantage of this opportunity to combat the loneliness caused by the Corona.

The Church Council


Dear parishioners

I am extremely pleased to be able to take up my position as the new parish leader in Walchwil from 1 August. Growing up in a large family in the canton of Bern (Bützberg), I was able to experience a carefree childhood and youth. Faith and going to church on Sundays were simply part of it and had a strong influence on me.

After an apprenticeship as a design engineer and completing the vocational baccalaureate, I was able to work as a technical supporter in my training company. But soon I felt that there was something else in my life that I had not paid enough attention to until then. And so I was drawn to Chur to the Faculty of Theology.

After many years of training, I was allowed to spend my first years of teaching in the Lucerne Seetal and the last two years in the Aargau Limmattal. With a well-filled rucksack, I now feel ready to set out with you on your journey. It is my concern to convey joy in the Christian faith, to celebrate it together, whether in church or outside.

I hope that with my open and uncomplicated manner I can contribute to a lively parish life and good cooperation in the pastoral area. With my wife Jacqueline I will move into the rectory on Kirchgasse in July. I am very much looking forward to the coming time and to getting to know you.

See you soon, Benjamin Meier


Installation of the new community leader

We are pleased to announce that the installation of our new church leader, Benjamin Meier, will take place at the Mountain Festival on 15 August 2021.

Festival service in fine weather:
10.30 h, Buschenkappeli

Festival service in bad weather:
10.00 h, Parish Church

The service will be accompanied by the yodelling club at the Buschenkappeli or in the parish church.

We already welcome Benjamin Meier and look forward to working with him.

The Church Council


Rooms of the parish centre open again

From now on the rooms of the parish centre are open again and can be reserved. The reserving organisations/persons are responsible for complying with the current Covid-19 measures.

The Church Council


Walchwil represented in the Kulturpunkte project

Walchwil is now represented in the Zug Catholic Church's Kulturpunkte Zug project with two objects – in addition to the parish church, now also the Antonius Chapel in the upper village.

The canton of Zug is home to a great wealth and impressive variety of religious cultural assets that are worthy of increased attention: Churches, monasteries, chapels, ossuaries, each with all their furnishings, as well as wayside shrines, wayside crosses, cross paths, etc.

The "Kulturpunkte Zug" project aims to arouse interest in these cultural assets and to communicate them in an attractive way using modern media, to bring them closer digitally – with videos, audio files, picture galleries, with short, informative texts and many links. But above all, with stories – with stories of what and how people believed in past centuries, how they lived and mastered life with the help of their faith.

These diverse forms of faith and their material manifestations, as well as their changes, have had a significant impact on our culture and continue to do so to a not inconsiderable extent today, albeit often unconsciously. Finding access to Zug's cultural points or deepening it therefore also means understanding the present and ultimately oneself better.

Particularly in a multicultural and multi-religious society, knowledge of one's own regional traditions and a certain familiarity with them are fundamental to finding one's identity. And both are just as essential for mutual understanding, dialogue and peaceful coexistence as they are for responsibly shaping the future.

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