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Walchwil represented in the Kulturpunkte project

Walchwil is now represented in the Zug Catholic Church's Kulturpunkte Zug project with two objects – in addition to the parish church, now also the Antonius Chapel in the upper village.

The canton of Zug is home to a great wealth and impressive variety of religious cultural assets that are worthy of increased attention: Churches, monasteries, chapels, ossuaries, each with all their furnishings, as well as wayside shrines, wayside crosses, cross paths, etc.

The "Kulturpunkte Zug" project aims to arouse interest in these cultural assets and to communicate them in an attractive way using modern media, to bring them closer digitally – with videos, audio files, picture galleries, with short, informative texts and many links. But above all, with stories – with stories of what and how people believed in past centuries, how they lived and mastered life with the help of their faith.

These diverse forms of faith and their material manifestations, as well as their changes, have had a significant impact on our culture and continue to do so to a not inconsiderable extent today, albeit often unconsciously. Finding access to Zug's cultural points or deepening it therefore also means understanding the present and ultimately oneself better.

Particularly in a multicultural and multi-religious society, knowledge of one's own regional traditions and a certain familiarity with them are fundamental to finding one's identity. And both are just as essential for mutual understanding, dialogue and peaceful coexistence as they are for responsibly shaping the future.


Transmission of the services are discontinued

We are happy that, according to the BAG, 50 people can still attend a service. It has become apparent in recent weeks that the number of visitors at normal services has settled between 40 and 50 people. For this reason, we are discontinuing the live broadcast in the parish hall for the time being – but will reactivate it if there is a need.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2021 and look forward to our social and community life returning to normal soon.

Parish and Catholic Parish of Walchwil



Ralf Binder's absence due to illness continues. Therefore, a solution had to be found, in collaboration with the regional leadership of the diocese, to temporarily hold the reins of the parish. Gaby Wiss has been working closely with the pastoral area pastor Reto Kaufmann for some time and is familiar with the situation in Walchwil. All those involved are happy that the needs of the parish can be met, the pastoral area pastor can be relieved and Ralf Binder can be given the necessary time to recover. Gaby Wiss will mainly take care of organisational tasks and be available for pastoral care talks. The sacraments, funerals and services will continue to be provided mainly by Chaplain Leopold Kaiser, by pastoral area priest Reto Kaufmann or by temporary staff. Of course we very much hope that Ralf Binder will continue to recover well.

Church Council Walchwil and Pastoral Area Pastor Reto Kaufmann


Dear Walchwilers

My name is Gaby Wiss, I am married and have a grown-up daughter. I live in Cham and worked in the parish there for 13 years. For about 1 1/2 years I have been working with great passion as a theologian and management assistant for the pastoral area of Zug Walchwil. During my employment at the cantonal office for education, catechesis and media of the Catholic Church in the canton of Zug, I got to know some committed men and women from Walchwil, among other things because I offered courses for children's celebrations in the Mütschi several times. I look forward to meeting many of these men and women again at work or in the parish. I am also very much looking forward to the contacts with the parish and church councils and others. Do you have any questions? Then please contact the secretary's office.

Gaby Wiss


Parish Centre closed

In accordance with the decision of the Federal Council of 18 December 2020, our Parish Centre will be closed for all activities from Tuesday 22 December 2020 until Friday 22 January 2021.

We are very sorry to have to close this place of encounter temporarily, but hope to make a contribution to everyone's health. We are all the more pleased to be able to welcome you to the services in spite of everything.

Church Council Walchwil

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