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Walchwil forecasts a revenue surplus in the 2024 budget

The municipal council anticipates an income surplus of CHF 1ʹ229ʹ900 for 2024 and an unchanged tax rate of 53%.

The income statement for 2024 envisages expenses of CHF 25.44 million and income of CHF 26.67 million. This results in an income surplus of CHF 1.23 million. This budgeted surplus is based on an unchanged tax rate of 53%.

Compared to the 2023 budget, expenditure for the current budget is CHF 1.76 million higher. This is mainly due to higher salary costs resulting from the new cantonal personnel law for teachers. Other factors are cost-of-living increases, additional costs for contributions to the pension fund and slightly higher workloads in administration. Extraordinary and one-off expenses for centre planning, local planning, the "Integrated Communication" project and the school's IT migration will also result in additional expenditure.

In terms of revenue, the 2024 budget also foresees an increase of CHF 2.97 million compared to the previous year. This is because both the expected tax revenue and the expected revenue from property gains tax will increase.

Walchwil has costs under control

"We are pleased that the municipality of Walchwil continues to be well positioned and has its costs under control," says a pleased Stefan Hermann, president of the municipality. This year, the municipal council has intensively dealt with the future of the village. Wishes and suggestions from the population have also been taken on board. "Thanks to our prudent financial policy, we have our own funds to gradually realise these development steps," says Hermann.

In 2024, investments of CHF 2.18 million are planned. Of this, CHF 0.99 million will be spent on road renovations. A first stage for photovoltaic systems on communal properties is now included. The investment account includes CHF 150,000 for the school's IT migration. CHF 220,000 are budgeted for the centre planning. CHF 200,000 is budgeted for the redesign of the square in the Oberdorf area. CHF 165,000 is budgeted for a new municipal vehicle.

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