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Vitus Hürlimann is the new Jass king

On Wednesday, 31 January, the annual Jass Cup took place at Restaurant Aesch.

Jass fans of all ages from Walchwil came together for an exciting competition. The event, which traditionally takes place at the end of January, attracted both young and older participants, who put their skills to the test at the Jass table. The prize table was impressive and provided additional motivation for the players. It was a convivial evening full of fun and competitive spirit, where young and old could enjoy their passion for Jass together. The Jass Cup at Restaurant Aesch is a much-loved tradition that generates new enthusiasm every year.

Die Rangliste
1. Vitus Hürlimann
2. Margrit Hürlimann-Betschart
3. Peter Rust (sen.)
4. Anna Kaufmann
5. Andrea Hürlimann-Streiff
6. Alois Rust
7.  Ruedi Hürlimann
8.  Rita Rust
9. Otto Hürlimann
10. Urs Buner
11. Josef Fassbind
12. Marianne Meuwly
13. Beat Schäli
14. Philipp Suter
15. Rosmarie Hürlimann
16. Thomas Suter
17. Thierry Augsburger
18. Ruth Hürlimann
19. Rolf Reinhard
20. Marlen Rust

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