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Das Portal für ein lebendiges Walchwil

Biking in Walchwil

Datum: 25. June 2024, 18:30 | Ort: Treffpunkt Dorfplatz

Every Tuesday we bikers meet up to have fun together.

Why go far away when beauty is so close. We explore the surrounding area at different levels of ability – it doesn't take much to have fun in the great outdoors. Some love crisp climbs and technical, tricky trails. Others prefer a more leisurely pace so that they can have a chat. But everyone is guaranteed a portion of fresh air. We respect nature and wildlife, don't ride illegal trails and stick to trail tolerance.

Once a month we go on a big day tour outside our usual surroundings.

Meeting point
Walchwil village square
Every Tuesday at 6.30 pm
In April and September at 18.00

Henrik Steffensen 079 207 68 48