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Playgroup children visit Mütschi retirement home

Playgroup children have been visiting the Mütschi retirement home in Walchwil on a regular basis for almost 8 years.

The children come together with the playgroup leaders from the Schmetterling and Waldeulen Walchwil playgroups. One of the playgroup leaders, Daisy Wilde, reports that it is always nice to see how open the children and residents are to meeting each other. Strong relationships develop between individual children and residents, so care is taken to ensure that these pairs are allowed to work together again and again. It is a great enrichment for them and everyone involved to be part of this project.

Various activities are planned together, such as baking Grittibänz, doing handicrafts, singing together or playing movement games.

The meetings take place about once a month, always on Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning. Everyone involved enjoys the time together and looks forward to the next visits.

Daisy Wilde

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