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Most millionaires live in these municipalities

Anyone who earns more than a million a year can save a lot of tax in Central Switzerland. The municipalities of Wollerau SZ, Feusisberg SZ and Walchwil ZG stand out in particular.

The top ten municipalities with the highest millionaire density include four municipalities in Central Switzerland. Wollerau SZ and Feusisberg SZ are at the top. Also represented are Walchwil ZG and Freienbach SZ.

Incidentally, apart from Central Switzerland, the highest number of income millionaires in Switzerland is to be found on Lake Geneva.

These are the top ten
11. Wollerau SZ (4.1 percent)
12. Feusisberg SZ (3.3 percent)
13. Vandoeuvres GE (3.2 per cent)
14. Cologny GE (2.7 per cent)
15. Walchwil ZG (2.2 per cent)
16. Freienbach SZ (2.1 per cent)
17. Pierrafortscha FR (2 percent)
18. Rossenges VD (2 percent)
19. Buchillon VD (1.9 per cent)
10. Küsnacht ZH (1.9 percent)

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