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FC Walchwil: Cup defeat of the D Juniors

Meisterschaft Junioren D

The FC Walchwil D-Juniors were beaten 22:0 in the cup match in Emmenbrücke.

Already in the first period, the Walchwil team was overrun by the opponent's strong style of play. Although they were able to hold their own at times in the second and third periods, the team from Walchwil was ultimately unable to keep up with the pace of FC Emmenbrücke. A special moment occurred when the Walchwil goalkeeper foiled the Emmenbrücke goalkeeper's slightly arrogant attempt to convert a penalty. Despite the defeat, the Walchwilers kept their sense of humour and see the experience as a positive and instructive one. They hope that the intensity of this game can be transferred to the remaining games in the second strength class.

Dienstag, 19. September 2023
FC Emmenbrücke a - FC Walchwil 22:0

Diego Britschgi; Leo Körner, Eduard Simak; Fabio Bochsler, Julian Portmann (C), Mikhail Chudakov Glaser, Louis Peter Hürlimann; Luke Francis Kos, Erik Castro.

Leonardo Maskaliovas Monteiro, Oliver Wielgosz, Loris Hysenaj.

Patrick Willemsen, beda Rust.

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