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Change of tenant at Seebad-Bistro Walchwil

Seebad Walchwil is an attractive meeting place for bathers and visitors to the restaurant. The associated bistro is being relaunched for the 2024 season.

To make the guests' stay more pleasant and to make the work of the bistro's tenant easier, the municipality of Walchwil modernised the kitchen in spring 2023 and furnished the terrace in a contemporary style. The aim was to optimise the use of the bistro. In addition to an uncomplicated gastronomic offer for bathers during regular opening hours, a Mediterranean-style aperitif culture or a sophisticated dinner with a view of the sunset was also made possible.

Looking back, it became clear that it was not easy to reconcile the different needs. The previous tenants, who have developed the "Kliff 14" bistro into a successful brand, will no longer be running the upcoming season. A new tenant is therefore being sought for the coming season and the relaunch of the bistro at Seebad Walchwil.

Walchwil municipal council

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