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A new association in Walchwil: "iiszäpfä"

Walchwil has a new association: "iiszäpfä Walchwil". The "iiszäpfä" association was founded in November 2023.

The association is a mixed group of men and women who are dedicated to winter swimming and winter pools. The members meet regularly at the Walchwil or St. Adrian swimming pools to swim together in the cold waters of the region and enjoy the health benefits of winter swimming. The meetings usually take place on Sundays at 9.30 am.

Winter swimming has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it not only strengthens the immune system but also improves well-being. The members of the "iiszäpfä Walchwil" association are enthusiastic winter swimmers and enjoy sharing their passion with others.

Interested men and women can contact the "iiszäpfä Walchwil" association to find out more about winter swimming.

Brigitte van Dulmen


President: Brigitte van Dulmen, 079 418 95 93,
Vice-President: Dagrun Briem, 076 761 01 26,

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