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4000 people now live in Walchwil

40 years ago, Walchwil had a population of around 2300, in 1994 it passed the 3,000 mark and with the birth of little Isabella Sophia Scheuermann, the village now has a population of 4000.

Melanie Ritz and Michael Scheuermann moved to the village in November, just a few weeks before the birth of their first child. They already feel very much at home in Walchwil and have been well received.

"We are a village with a strong sense of community, an active club culture and - when Isabella is ready in a few years' time – a good, family-orientated school. We are delighted when newcomers take part in our village life and help to ensure that Walchwil remains a vibrant community. And children are our future," says mayor Stefan Hermann. All the snow these days makes you think of a Christmas story. But we don't want to overdo it with the symbolism, smiles Hermann.

Walchwil doesn't just want to grow in numbers
Committed people who integrate themselves, but also contribute new ideas and help to further develop the second smallest municipality in the canton of Zug in terms of population in a positive way are important.

In the municipal strategy, Walchwil is aiming for moderate growth to around 4300 to 4600 people by 2040. It is important for the identity of the village to maintain its rural character with plenty of green space. The mayor therefore presented the parents of little Isabella with a "Walchwil bag" containing culinary specialities produced in the village. Even if baby Isabella – the real person of honour – unfortunately cannot enjoy any of it and slept through her grand entrance in her mother's arms.

Walchwil municipal council

Municipal clerk Beat Hunziker, father Michael Scheuermann, mother Melanie Ritz with baby Isabella, mayor Stefan Hermann.

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