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Walchwil: The tax rate decreases

A proud 148 people entitled to vote attended the municipal assembly on 30 November 2022.

Minutes of the municipal assembly of June 21, 2022
The minutes are unanimously approved.

Change of the zone plan "Wihel"; rezoning of the properties nr. 887 and nr. 1571 from the zone OeIB to the original zone W3
The zone plan amendment "Wihel"; rezoning of the properties no. 887 and no. 1571 from the zone OeIB to the original zone W3 is approved by a large majority.

Partial revision of the fee tariff in the building sector
The partial revision of the tariff of fees for construction is unanimously approved.

Budget 2023 – Determination of the tax rate
The reduction of the tax rate of the municipality of Walchwil for the year 2023 from 55% to 53% of the cantonal standard rate is approved by a large majority. The budget of the income statement and the investment account for the year 2023 is unanimously approved.

A motion to add CHF 300,000 to the 2023 budget investment account for the planning and construction of photovoltaic systems on municipal properties was not approved by a large majority.

The adjustment of the cost-of-living increase in 2023 on the annual salaries of municipal staff (except teaching staff) in accordance with the decision of the government council of the canton of Zug for the annual salaries of state and teaching staff is unanimously approved.

Financial plan 2023-2026
The financial plan 2023 to 2026 is noted.

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