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Walchwil: Fleeing from the police

A drunk driver drove on after an accident, another driver who was not fit to drive tried to evade a police check.

A third person observed a traffic accident on the Vorderbergstrasse in Walchwil on Saturday evening (20 August 2022), shortly after 11:30 pm, and notified the police. When the emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident, they found a damaged bridge railing and tracks on the roadway. The patrol followed the clearly visible tyre tracks, which led them to a heavily damaged car. When they contacted the owner, she confessed to having caused the accident. A breath test carried out on the 64-year-old revealed a value of 0.32 mg/l.

About two hours later, at 1.30 a.m., a police patrol carried out a traffic control on Vorderbergstrasse in Walchwil. When the police officers gave a clear signal to a driver to stop, the driver swerved to avoid the police and continued downhill. The police followed the car. Only after about one kilometre did the driver react to the request on the matrix to "Stop Police" and stop. A breath test carried out on him showed a value of 1.0 mg/l. During questioning, the driver admitted that he was at fault. During questioning, the driver admitted that he wanted to evade the control because he had drunk too much alcohol. The 50-year-old's driver's licence was taken away for the administrative authorities.

Source: Zug Police

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