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Walchwil: Accident while drunk

A car driver crashed into another vehicle. No one was injured in the accident. The driver was intoxicated and had to surrender his driving licence.

On Wednesday (27 July 2022), shortly before 2:30 pm, a collision between two cars occurred on Vorderbergstrasse. The 62-year-old man responsible for the accident was driving towards the lake when his car collided with a car driving uphill before the Hinterbergstrasse junction. No one was injured.

Both vehicles were damaged to the tune of several thousand Swiss francs. As the police noticed alcohol symptoms in the driver who caused the accident, a breath test was carried out on him. The result was positive with a value of 0.88 mg/L. The driver's licence was revoked. The 62-year-old's driver's licence was taken away for the attention of the administrative authorities.

Source: Zug Police

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