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On the water with consideration

Lake Zug invites you to move freely across the wide surface of the water. Under your own steam or with the help of the elements, carried by a board or a boat. At the same time, bodies of water are important habitats for birds, fish and other creatures. In many places, it is possible for people and nature to coexist.

Keep your distance from the reeds
Wherever possible 100 metres. The reeds serve as a breeding and hiding place for many birds.

Keep your distance from gravel islands and sandbanks
If possible, 100 metres or more. These areas are important resting and breeding sites as well as food sources for many birds.

Do not drive along stretches of water where birds congregate
In autumn and winter, disturbance is possible from a distance of 1 km.

Respect protected areas
Always stay outside the marked boundaries, some of which are labelled with yellow buoys or signs and marked on maps.

This summer, many people will once again be out and about on Lake Zug. For some years now, stand-up paddling (SUP) has been particularly popular. However, many stand-up paddlers do not realise that their activity can disturb wildlife.

Lake Zug is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, fish and dragonflies. Birds raise their young in or on the reeds, while juvenile fish and dragonfly larvae are mainly found in shallow water zones.

With the ‘On the water with consideration’ campaign, the ‘Nature and Leisure’ association, together with the canton of Zug and a coalition of sports, leisure and nature conservation organisations as well as companies from the outdoor and tourism industry, is raising awareness of wildlife-friendly water sports. The aim is to show recreationists and sportsmen and women how they can enjoy water sports in an environmentally friendly way.

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