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Musikgesellschaft Walchwil: Expectations exceeded

The concerts of the Walchwil music society are anything but boring. There seem to be no limits to the wealth of ideas of the members and the conductor Roland Hürlimann. This year, the musicians once again offered an exceptional concert with passionate commitment, which once again exceeded the expectations of the audience.

With "Bella Italia", the performers brought the culture of our beautiful neighbouring country onto the stage. The musical foray stopped at various places throughout Italy and listened in on the typical alleyways. Among others, melodies by the famous Italian composer, conductor and Oscar winner Ennio Morricone could be heard. The famous Venezia March by Gaetano Fabiani and the Neapolitan folk song "Funiculi, Funiculà" made the hearts of the audience beat faster.

But the evening was far from over with the end of the concert. The well run catering and bar kept the visitors together until deep into the night. The only topic: a concert that was, as usual, entertaining and traditionally surprising.

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