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Jodlerklub Edelweiss Walchwil - traditional and surprising

The Edelweiss Walchwil Yodelling Club - traditional, surprising and diverse, just like the Yodelling Festival!

Founded in 1932, the choir is one of the older yodelling clubs in the canton of Zug and consists of 20 active yodellers. In addition to the farmer's wife from Zugerberg and the forester from Walchwil, the expat with roots in Trinidad Tobago and the immigrant financial consultant from Austria also yodel in the traditional choir. In this way, the yodelling club is also a reflection of the Canton of Zug of our time: rooted in folk traditions, but also open to new things. The choir is always open to experimental projects, such as the recent cover of a pop rock song, but it also fervently cultivates the traditional form of natural yodelling. In the 92nd year of its existence, the yodelling club continues to delight young and old with its singing, in a few days also at the Federal Yodelling Festival in Zug and already now on Youtube with the yodelling cover of Patent Ochsner's "Für immer uf di".

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