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Hudi fathers and Hudi mothers have taken the sceptre

In keeping with tradition, the Hudi mothers were introduced on the Saturday of the shooting club in Walchwil.

After the service in the Catholic parish church and the subsequent general assembly of the Walchwil Military Shooting Association, the guests went to the Fyrabig Bar to the sound of Guggenmusik. And then, of course, on to the community hall, where the enthronement took place.

Officially, Patrick Willemsen is the Hudi Father and Brigitte van Dulmen the reigning Hudi Mother of Wallachia. Florian Müller and Sarah Portmann are her vice-chairmen. Patrick Willemsen does not accept this: "We are equal Hudi fathers and Hudi mothers who want to contribute something to the village culture with the support of the Fasnacht Society and the Committee.

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