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"How are you?"

A simple question that is sometimes difficult to answer. A yellow bench has recently been placed in front of the Mütschi retirement home asking how we are. In German and English.

The eye-catching bench is part of the campaign «Wie geht’s dir?» and should help us all to take a break, exchange ideas and look out for each other. Not just on the yellow bench, but also when shopping, in a restaurant, chatting with a neighbour or with a colleague at work.

The canton of Zug is actively committed to the mental health of its population. As a visible sign of this, many Zug municipalities have set up a yellow "How are you?" bench. The yellow benches are intended to encourage open dialogue about mental well-being. The campaign was made possible thanks to financial support from the Swiss Health Promotion Foundation. The Zug benches were produced by the Zuwebe Foundation.

Further information can be found at Bänkli für Gespräche (

Dort gibt es auch Gesprächstipps, einen Selbst-Check und viele nützliche Adressen und Angebote. Denn Reden ist Gold, wenn die Psyche mitspielen soll.

Daniel Dossenbach

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