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Dispose of exotic problem plants with your rubbish free of charge

Non-native plants - so-called invasive neophytes - do not belong in the compost. They must be disposed of separately to prevent further spread. Neophyte bags can be obtained free of charge from Ökihof.

The cantons and municipalities of Central Switzerland are working together to slow down or prevent the spread of invasive neophytes. Many of these plants grow in private gardens and from there spread uncontrollably into forests, agricultural areas and nature reserves.

In order to support the population in combating neophytes, 60-litre neophyte bags can be obtained free of charge again this year and handed in directly to the Ökihof. The bags are suitable for the disposal of herbaceous species such as the North American goldenrod or the annual marsh weed. Only the flowers or berries of woody plants such as summer lilac or cherry laurel should be disposed of in the neophyte bag.

Further information on the topic of neophytes can be found here:

Contact: Angela Maurer, Project Manager Soil Protection and Neobiotics, tel. +41 41 594 19 74,

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