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Chlausjagen - a custom that has its roots in the Middle Ages and attracts numerous trychers from the houses on 5 December. The Chlaus hunters trychle their way through the night and march with their bells up to the Walchwilerberg.

The Chlaus hunt
The Chlausjagen is a mixture of two worlds. The noisy nocturnal procession of demonic summonings and the Christian custom of the gift-giving, benevolent St. Nicholas. On 5 December, the Chlausjäger parade through the village in smaller (at least 3 Chlausjäger) or larger groups. It starts with the children at 4 p.m., and from 7 p.m. onwards the big chasers join in the action all night long.

The traditional group is dressed in a white shepherd's shirt and a pointed cap. Each group carries an elaborately decorated, illuminated inful (ifele). Larger groups are accompanied by one or two Geislechlepfer. At various times, the wild custom of chasing Klaus threatened to degenerate to such an extent that the community fathers had to steer the boisterous activity into gentler channels.

A proud 148 people entitled to vote attended the municipal assembly on 30 November 2022.

Minutes of the municipal assembly of June 21, 2022
The minutes are unanimously approved.

Change of the zone plan "Wihel"; rezoning of the properties nr. 887 and nr. 1571 from the zone OeIB to the original zone W3
The zone plan amendment "Wihel"; rezoning of the properties no. 887 and no. 1571 from the zone OeIB to the original zone W3 is approved by a large majority.

Partial revision of the fee tariff in the building sector
The partial revision of the tariff of fees for construction is unanimously approved.

Budget 2023 – Determination of the tax rate
The reduction of the tax rate of the municipality of Walchwil for the year 2023 from 55% to 53% of the cantonal standard rate is approved by a large majority. The budget of the income statement and the investment account for the year 2023 is unanimously approved.

A motion to add CHF 300,000 to the 2023 budget investment account for the planning and construction of photovoltaic systems on municipal properties was not approved by a large majority.

The adjustment of the cost-of-living increase in 2023 on the annual salaries of municipal staff (except teaching staff) in accordance with the decision of the government council of the canton of Zug for the annual salaries of state and teaching staff is unanimously approved.

Financial plan 2023-2026
The financial plan 2023 to 2026 is noted.

Saturday 10 December
09.00 to 16.00 hrs

Saturday 17 December
09.00 to 16.00 hrs

Monday 19 December
14.00 to 18.00 hrs

Tuesday 20 December
14.00 to 18.00 hrs

Wednesday 21 December
14.00 to 18.00 hrs

Thursday, 22 December
14.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs

Friday, 23 December
14.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs

The exhibition repertoire was extremely diverse and ranged from hand-knitted socks and lovingly embroidered towels to handmade jewellery and sculptures in metal design. The exhibition, organised by FC Walchwil, gave the artists the opportunity to present and sell their work to a broad public.

For more pictures see pictures gallery.

First things happen differently, and secondly than you think. Of course. Wilhelm Busch can't help it if vending machines in Walchwil don't stick to delivery times. But his famous quote at least cushions the disappointment of André and Nicole Rust-Meuwly a little. Because the plan was actually for them to surprise lovers of fine dairy products with 24-hour access at Dorfstrasse 21 from the end of October. Because the vending machines are still waiting, there is now another possibility to buy the products three times a week.

When long-cherished wishes don't come true right away, improvisation is the order of the day. In order to give their loyal customers 24-hour access to fine dairy products, André and Nicole Rust came up with the idea of vending machines at Dorfstrasse 21. But because the vending machines are now arriving later than planned, personal service is now required three times a week. This will be the case from Tuesday, 29 November 2022.

Opening hours
Tuesday: 13.30 to 15.30 hrs | Wednesday 09.00 to 11.00 hrs | Friday 16.00 to 18.00 hrs

As it is difficult to have the whole assortment in the village, orders are welcome to have them ready on the mountain. Of course, they always have the popular cheeses and fondue.

Orders by phone 041 758 11 40 or by mail

Forms for ordering on the website

After Christmas, the vending machines will hopefully be there so that shopping around the clock is a fact and not just an idea. As before, we will still be on site on Wednesday 09.00 to 11.00 hrs and Friday 16.00 to 18.00 hrs.

Chäs-Hütte Rust AG | Fam. A. Rust-Meuwly | Hinterberg 1 | 6318 Walchwil | Phone 041 758 11 40 | Fax 041 758 24 40 | Mail -

On Tuesday morning (November 15, 2022), a female tractor driver crashed into a retaining wall. The 30-year-old had a guardian angel and remained uninjured.

The accident occurred shortly before 09:45 on the Artherstrasse in Oberwil near Zug. A tractor driver, who was driving in the direction of Walchwil, lost control of the agricultural vehicle, entered the oncoming lane and crashed sideways/frontally into a retaining wall. The 30-year-old driver had a guardian angel and remained uninjured.

The tractor was a total loss. It was recovered by a private towing company with a crane and transported away. For this the Artherstrasse had to be closed briefly in both directions. Afterwards the accident place was cleaned by the road maintenance service.

Source: Zug police

Every three years on 11.11, the people of Walchwil elect the new Hudi Fathers. The Hudi Fathers rule the community of Walchwil during the 5th season.

Yesterday it was time again, although actually a year too late - with thanks to Corona. Fasnächtler, old Hudiväter, Rigler and the members of the Fasnachtsgesellschaft gathered in the Restaurant Aesch. Shortly after 8 pm, the Rigler, led by Mulei Raphael Hürlimann, opened the event with classic Fasnacht Gugge sounds. It took a brief moment after that for one of the Hudivater candidates to enter with the entire committee. The patience of those present was thus further stretched to the torture. Who do you think is the second Hudivater? Florian Müller was named by some until the secret was revealed. Fasnacht is a matter for the boss, so Patrick Willemsen, President of the Fasnacht Society, joined Florian.

Those present unanimously elected the candidates with great applause. Florian, football coach, painter, grew up in Walchwil, and Patrick, ex-Dutch, software professional, moved to Walchwil in 2003, then gave a preview of the programme.

Several events will offer a varied Walchwil carnival season. The highlight of the Hudivater's election year is the parade on Carnival Sunday, when all the carnival folk will be on their feet. School classes, clubs and private individuals are accompanied by the Riglers, who show off their creations. The carnival ends with the giving of presents to the children on Güdelzischtig followed by the Uslumpete.


The programme

Saturday 21 January 2023

Tuesday 14 February 2023
Opening of the Fasibeiz

Thursday 16 February 2023

Sunday 19 February 2023

Sunday 19 February 2023
Hudivater Ball

Tuesday 21 February 2023

For more pictures see photo gallery

This year's "Heimatabig" of the yodelling club Edelweiss Walchwil was dedicated to its 90th anniversary.

The club was founded in 1932 and has enriched the cultural life of Walchwil ever since. This had to be celebrated! Not only with a new costume, but also with top-class guests! In the packed community hall, the programme was presented with much wit.

Meisterschaft Junioren D – Stärkeklasse 2 – Herbstrunde

Samstag, 5.11.2022
FC Kickers Luzern b - FC Walchwil 3:6

FC Walchwil
Ruben Florine Van Kerckhoven; Leandro Rust, Ruairi Alexander Fitzpatrick, Aris Matzaridis; Samuli Pahkasalo, Tjores van Dulmen (C), Giacomo Ferrata;
Lionel Rust; Alford Nassar.

Milo Toni Masoch, Eduard Simak, Camil Sayegh.

Ivo Petrov, Patrick Willemsen.

1. FC Aegeri a 8/24, 2. FC Hünenberg a 7/18, 3. FC Walchwil 8/18, 4. SC Kriens b 8/12, 5. FC Kickers Luzern b 8/7, 6. SC Cham c 8/7, 7. SC Obergeissenstein c 7/6, 8. FC Ebikon b 8/6, 9. FC Rotkreuz b 8/4.


Meisterschaft 5. Liga

Sonntag, 30.10.2022
FC Walchwil - Weggiser SC 11:2

FC Walchwil
Elia Meier; Joshua Hürlimann, Elias Hürlimann, Hansruedi Nideröst (C), Gregor Rust; Simon Fuchs; David Hürlimann, Neil Hager; Jonas Odermatt, Remo Hürlimann, Florian Annen.

Dale Hager, Remo Birrer, Tae Hoon Lee, Max Winkelmann, Ramon Meyer.

Giovanni Bretti, Florian Müller.

1. FC Walchwil 10/21,  2. FC Altdorf II 10/17, 3. FC Brunnen 10/11, 4. FC Flüelen 10/10, 5. FC Küssnacht a/R 3 10/9, 6. FC Ibach IV 10/9, 7. Weggiser SC 10/8, 8. FC Schattdorf 10/8, 9. FC Muotathal 10/5, 10. FC Rotkreuz IV R18/0.

Councillor Eveline Hunziker (FDP. Die Liberalen) has resigned for professional reasons with effect from 31 March 2023. She was elected to the Walchwil municipal council in October 2014. During her entire term of office, Eveline Hunziker was head of the Infrastructure/Security department.

The municipal council very much regrets her resignation, but understands the reasons for her professional reorientation. It thanks Eveline Hunziker for her many years of conscientious commitment to the municipal council and her work in the service of the municipality of Walchwil and wishes her all the best in her future private and professional life.

Election of a replacement
The further procedure for the replacement of the office is governed by the Law on Elections and Voting. Accordingly, by-elections for seats that have become vacant during the term of office are determined by the Municipal Council and advertised in the Official Gazette. The Municipal Council will determine the procedure at its meeting on 7 November 2022.

Municipal Council Walchwil

Walchwil is getting a Coop – the Spar branch will disappear from the village centre.

The retailer is expected to open a sales outlet in Walchwil on 16 March 2023, where the Spar is located, which will close at the end of November 2022. The post office agency will be integrated into the Coop once the retail space has been converted. However, the local council has not found a solution for the duration of the conversion work. Therefore, until the new Coop opens, the post office in Goldau is responsible.

The municipal council is forecasting an income surplus of CHF 20ʹ000 for 2023 and a reduced tax rate of 53% (previous year 55%).

The income statement for 2023 foresees expenses of CHF 23,672,900 and income of CHF 23,692,900, resulting in an income surplus of CHF 20,000. This budgeted surplus is based on the proposed reduced tax rate of 53%. Compared to the 2022 budget, expenses are CHF 1,690,800 higher, mainly due to extraordinary and one-off expenses for the one-off write-off of the centre planning as well as IT migration and the "Integrated Communication" project. In addition, personnel costs will also increase due to additional planned positions (notary's office, school secretary and communications specialist), individual increases in staffing levels and inflation. The 2023 budget also foresees an increase in income of CHF 1,668,800 compared to the previous year as a result of a slight increase in expected tax income and the higher expected income from property gains tax.

In 2023, investments of CHF 3.24 million are planned, of which CHF 1.02 million for the renovation of the Vorderbergstrasse (Dorfbach-Blimoos) and the Gerbiweg. In the area of drainage, a new construction and two renovations of sewage pipes amounting to CHF 1.04 million are planned. The investment bill also includes CHF 300,000 for the integration costs of restructuring the IT for the administration and expanding the network, CHF 200,000 for a replacement of the fire brigade's command vehicle, CHF 145,000 for a new municipal vehicle (postponed from 2022) and CHF 100,000 for the renovation of the landing stage (also postponed from 2022).

Walchwil Municipal Council

For queries
Stefan Hermann, Municipal President,, T 041 768 98 72.

Under the motto "join in - stay fit" we meet every Thursday in the gym or in summer outside to do something together for our fitness - but also for fun & games. And about once a month we devote ourselves to social activities.

We are active and adventurous men from the age of 30 to over 80. Exercise, fitness, fun and sociability as well as camaraderie are more important to us than sporting excellence. So there is often hearty laughter during the game. After the "fit" there is a small drink to discuss current weekly topics or simply to quench the thirst.

In addition to gymnastics, we go on excursions and actively participate in village life. Trained or untrained, all are welcome.

Would you like to do some exercise in a friendly, sociable atmosphere? Then sign up for a non-binding trial training.

Weekly gym session
Thursday, 20.00 to 21.30
Schulhausstrasse 44
6318 Walchwil

The general elections are over. At the well-attended election aperitif in the community hall, a toast was made to the new legislative period. The opportunity to talk to those elected was also actively used.

The elections in Walchwil were as follows

Voter turnout: (55,6 percent)

Cantonal Council (2 seats)

Peter Rust (Die Mitte, previously)
760 votes
Christophe Lanz (FDP)
523 votes
Willy Portmann (SVP)
414 votes
Guido Suter (SP, previously)
247 votes
Arsena Odermatt (SP)
98 votes
Stefan Werner Huber (GLP)
79 votes
Andreas Kretz (ALG)
31 votes

Municipal council (silent election, all previous)
Stefan Hermann (Die Mitte)
Eveline Hunziker (FDP)
René Peyer (FDP)
Caroline Schmid (SVP)
Manuel Studer (Die Mitte)

President of the municipality (silent election)
Stefan Hermann (until now)

Audit Commission (silent election, all previous)
Michael Hirt (FDP, President)
Andreas Busch (SP)
Monika Hürlimann (Die Mitte)

Beat Hunziker, 43, will take over as municipal clerk in spring 2023.

René Arnold has been municipal clerk and notary in Walchwil for 16 years. He will retire early at the end of March 2023. According to a media release, Beat Hunziker will take over as municipal clerk on 1 April 2023. René Arnold will continue to serve as the municipality's notary.

Beat Hunziker is an economist and has worked in various positions at the University of Fribourg and in the private sector, most recently as managing director of the Swiss Shooting Sports Association. The 43-year-old is married, father of two children and lives in Immensee.

Unfortunately, the successful Junior A team was disbanded due to a lack of players in the first team. The players were integrated into the first team. The start of the new season was good with two victories. An immediate return to the fourth division is quite realistic.

Congratulations to Tim Sarkanj, freshly accomplished Canton champion in his age category and 2nd in the open competition. Bravo Tim! We are very proud of you!

At Mundschöpfiweg 2 in Walchwil there is a small free library for self-service.

The concept is very simple: "Take a book – Bring a book", whereby the latter is voluntary. You can also simply take a book (or several) with you if you don't have one to give away. Registration is not necessary.

Books for all ages and in all languages are welcome. Those with offensive or illegal content will be disposed of.

Number of nations (incl. Swiss): 68
Population: 3897

Largest groups of foreigners in Walchwil
Germany: 336
Great Britain: 164
Italy: 62
Russia: 58
France: 57
Denmark: 50
Netherlands: 50
Sweden: 44
Belgium: 40
USA: 39

These nationalities live in Walchwil
Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cabo Verde, China, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Eritrea, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Austria, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Korea (South), Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts and Nevis, South Africa, Sweden. Kitts and Nevis, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Venezuela, USA, UK, Vietnam.

Data as of 31.12.2019. There are no more recent data on the foreign resident population in Switzerland. The data from the previous year are published on 1 September of the following year.
The data was collected by the Federal Statistical Office and the Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich.

The 37th Walchwil Grümpelturnier was, as usual, a wonderfully colourful and charming football festival. The teams competed for glory in glorious sunshine. (More pictures on the picture gallery)


Walchwil is one of the top 10 municipalities in Central Switzerland for naturalisations

In the last ten years, a total of 189 people have been naturalised in Walchwil. Compared to the rest of Central Switzerland, this is a high number in relation to the size of the population.

People from the following regions were naturalised:
European non-EU countries 110, EU countries 47, South and Central America, Caribbean 9, Africa 8, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway) 6, North America 5, Oceania 4.

Source: FSO

Walchwil presents massively better figures than expected in 2021.

The income surplus in the past year is around 6.5 million francs. The budget envisaged a plus of 1.8 million francs.

The 2021 income statement of the municipality of Walchwil shows an income surplus of 6.5 million francs with income of around 29 million francs and expenses of around 22.5 million francs. The budget called for an income surplus of around CHF 1.8 million.

The net assets in 2021 are around 13.2 million Swiss francs, which results in a per capita wealth of almost 3400 Swiss francs. The number of inhabitants has risen from 3824 to 3897.

The Walchwil-based company "The Digital Natives" specialises in visual communication in the areas of branding, website design and development and digital marketing.

Founded in March, the company is the digital partner of companies and administrations throughout Switzerland. Companies and administrations in Walchwil benefit from special offers. For enquiries and website analyses, please contact the management directly – Yannis Huber is your contact person.

You can find out more about the company at

From mid-June, we will supply you with fresh eggs from happy hens every week.

Every Wednesday morning, we will deliver your desired number of eggs from the Hühnermobil directly to your letterbox (free delivery in the municipality of Walchwil), You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe via the contact form. Interrupting the subscription during the holidays is also no problem. Simply send a short message (at least 2 days in advance).  Empty egg cartons deposited in the letterbox will be reused.

Three times a year you will receive a collective invoice for your payments.

If you don't want to commit to a subscription (yet), there is also the possibility to get the eggs directly in our little egg hut in Hinterbalis.

4 organic eggs box CHF 3.50
6 organic eggs box CHF 4.80
10 organic eggs box CHF 7.90
It doesn't get any fresher or better than this!

Organic Natura Beef

Quality meat - from natural feeding. Bio Natura-Beef is meat from 10-month-old calves from suckler cow husbandry. We market our meat regionally. This also means that our butchers Theiler in Allenwinden ( and Uelihof in Ebikon ( are only a few kilometres away. This also keeps the transport distance for the animals as short as possible. After slaughter, the meat is stored on the bone for 10 days to mature. This makes the meat tender and juicy. Then it is portioned, vacuum-packed and labelled. It is ready packed and can be collected from our farm.

Buy mixing packs

We sell 10 kg mixing packages. One package contains:

– Filet oder Huft
– Entrecote
– Hohrücken
– Plätzli à la minute
– Saftplätzli
– Braten
– Ragout
– Geschnetzeltes
– Hackfleisch
– Siedfleisch

Price per kilogram CHF 32.–

Shelf life: 12 months frozen.

Familie Hürlimann-Gisler / Hinterbalis / 6318 Walchwil / Handy 079 733 15 69 /  /

to lead a healthy, successful and balanced life. With Hypnotherapy and Coaching …

Hypnotherapy & Coaching in Walchwil

Living happily is easier said than done. Now and then we all need a little support. With the help of effective hypnotherapy and resource-oriented coaching, I am here to support you to make thoughtful positive changes in your life, in my office in Walchwil or online.

Promoting health!

You don't have to get healthy to live the life of your dreams. You may start living the life of your dreams so that you can finally get healthy. With competently applied hypnotherapy and coaching!

What should you bring along?
Motivation and the will to make a healthy change coupled with a positive attitude and curiosity.

What can you expect from me?
Empathy, attention, reliability, and methodical competence.

Time for what really matters! For you!

Tomorrow is soon, so let’s start today!

My office is located in the building of the Health Centre Walchwil, Dorfstrasse 4 (next to the Zuger Kantonalbank).

Barbara Bauer / Cert. Hypnotherapist & Coach / Phone +41 41 322 10 10 / / /

The website, an initiative by the local newspaper designer Kurt Hildbrand, wants to inform people without commercial interests about the different aspects and characteristics of Walchwil’s village life: about everyday happenings, politics, economy, culture and sports. It wants to act as a digital link between long-established local groups and interests, but also help newcomers from Switzerland and abroad to settle in better in the community.

It wants to report, but also to entertain - as a varied and colorful kaleidoscope of Walchwil and its population. The website does not want to be a one-way street, but rather strives to be an interactive medium to whose content all Walchwil residents, regardless of their origin, political leaning or world view, are cordially invited to contribute. wants to be on target.

The Zug municipality of Walchwil, with its 3885 inhabitants, has been committed to various energy city areas for years. This commitment has now been awarded the Energy City label.

In order to communicate the commitment of the municipality of Walchwil in the energy sector to the outside world and to actively fulfil its role as a role model in this area, the municipality of Walchwil has decided to strive for the Energy City label in 2019. To obtain the Energy City label, a municipality needs at least 50% of the maximum achievable number of points. After an inventory in 2020, the municipality successfully carried out the official Energy City audit in 2021. In September, the Energy City Label Commission awarded the municipality of Walchwil the status of Energy City with a good 55% of the possible points.

A number of energy-related measures have already been implemented in Walchwil. For example, the municipality has been keeping energy accounts for all municipal buildings since 2012 and has carried out operational optimisations. The municipality of Walchwil supplies its buildings and facilities entirely with renewable electricity. In addition, it covers almost 90% of its own heat consumption with a local wood chip network.

In the area of mobility, the municipality has also achieved a great deal in recent years. For example, various neighbourhood streets have been calmed down (30 km/h speed limit) and a pedestrian zone has been set up in the village centre between the church and the community centre (20 km/h speed limit). The municipality is also strongly committed to the expansion of footpaths and cycle paths as well as the maintenance of public transport and has also been operating a local bus at its own expense since 2013. In 2021, the first charging station for electric vehicles was installed in Walchwil.

With regard to the implementation of energy measures in the coming years, the municipality of Walchwil has defined an energy policy programme for the next 4 years. In addition, it has set up an energy commission as of 1 January 2021. This commission advises and supports the municipal council on various energy-related issues. The energy commission has defined the direction of the energy policy of the municipality of Walchwil for the coming years in an energy mission statement. The municipality of Walchwil is guided by the goals of the 2000-watt society. The municipality is committed to expanding the use of renewable energies and thus to reducing CO2 emissions. In the coming years, the municipality will focus on the topics of quality of life, village design, municipal energy policy, renewable energies (including PV systems), energy efficiency, water, waste, mobility, consultation and communication.

At yesterday's community meeting, Walchwil was officially awarded the Energy City label by Urs Raschle, a member of Zug's city council and a member of the board of the Energy City Association.

Walchwil Municipal Council

At the Swiss Interclub Championships (SIM) in wheelchair tennis, the youngest participant, Angela Grosswiler from Walchwil, won her first major championship title.

The victory of the young Walchwiler alongside the reigning Swiss champion Raphael Gremion became a fact in the decisive doubles. And, as so often in tennis, it could have turned out differently: In the champions' tie-break – after being 7:9 down – they were able to turn the tables and finally win 12:10.

A speed limit of 30 km/h in town centres is no longer a rarity in Switzerland. Introducing it in Walchwil in the Engel/Sternen/Oberdorfstrasse/Aesch triangle should at least be worth a discussion.

According to surveys, safety is an important need for many residents of a locality. A speed limit of 30 km/h in town centres has been shown to increase the safety of all road users, be they children, senior citizens, pedestrians or cyclists. Thanks to lower speeds, communication among all road users improves, aggressive behaviour decreases and mutual consideration grows.

The number and severity of traffic accidents in neighbourhoods also decreases at a speed of 30 km/h. Based on extensive accident evaluations, it can be statistically determined that the consequences of injuries worsen disproportionately with increasing speed. At lower speeds, school routes become less dangerous and slower road users feel safer.

Under certain circumstances, a speed limit of 30 kph may even create space for playing and social activities. Drivers also lose little time, but have a better view of the traffic situation. Meanwhile, residents living in a 30 km/h zone enjoy more peace and quiet and a better quality of life.

The legal basis for 30 km/h, i.e. for a deviation from the general speed limit, is Art. 108 SSV (Signalling Ordinance) of 1979. Paragraph 1 of the article states that the speed limit may be restricted in particular to avoid or reduce particular hazards, to reduce excessive pollution and to improve traffic flow.

Sources: Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz (VCS), Advice centre for accident prevention (BFU)