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Seebad Walchwil is an attractive meeting place for bathers and visitors to the restaurant. The associated bistro is being relaunched for the 2024 season.

To make the guests' stay more pleasant and to make the work of the bistro's tenant easier, the municipality of Walchwil modernised the kitchen in spring 2023 and furnished the terrace in a contemporary style. The aim was to optimise the use of the bistro. In addition to an uncomplicated gastronomic offer for bathers during regular opening hours, a Mediterranean-style aperitif culture or a sophisticated dinner with a view of the sunset was also made possible.

Looking back, it became clear that it was not easy to reconcile the different needs. The previous tenants, who have developed the "Kliff 14" bistro into a successful brand, will no longer be running the upcoming season. A new tenant is therefore being sought for the coming season and the relaunch of the bistro at Seebad Walchwil.

Walchwil municipal council

On Dirty Thursday, the Mütschi retirement home in Walchwil traditionally held a merry carnival celebration.

People of all ages came together to enjoy a colourful afternoon full of music, dancing and costumes. The Walchwil carnival society handed out various treats and oranges to those in attendance. The residents of the retirement home visibly enjoyed the company of the visitors. It was a successful afternoon, which provided them with a welcome change and great pleasure.

A motorboat is now available for sale in Walchwil. 

The boat is in top condition and offers an ideal opportunity for water sports enthusiasts. The sale is taking place because the owner is planning a worldwide trip and no longer needs the motorboat. The price for the boat is CHF 15'900. Interested parties can contact the owner directly on 079 218 81 18 for further information.

The village of Walchwil has never seen anything like it.

On Friday 2 February, Walchwil's traditional men's team brought the raclette parlour to Restaurant Aesch. In doing so, we not only supported our local catering industry, but were also able to show guests what we can do....

Guido Pirovino

On Saturday 3 February, the Cheschtänärigler and the invited groups gave a concert in the square before the annual Rigel-Digel-Ding-Dong carnival ball. The event attracted numerous visitors to the school square to be enthralled by the rousing sounds of the musicians. The square concert was the perfect prelude to an exuberant carnival night. The Guggen provided a great atmosphere with their music and encouraged the audience to dance and sing along. It was a successful evening that further increased the anticipation of the carnival ball.

On Wednesday, 31 January, the annual Jass Cup took place at Restaurant Aesch.

Jass fans of all ages from Walchwil came together for an exciting competition. The event, which traditionally takes place at the end of January, attracted both young and older participants, who put their skills to the test at the Jass table. The prize table was impressive and provided additional motivation for the players. It was a convivial evening full of fun and competitive spirit, where young and old could enjoy their passion for Jass together. The Jass Cup at Restaurant Aesch is a much-loved tradition that generates new enthusiasm every year.

Die Rangliste
1. Vitus Hürlimann
2. Margrit Hürlimann-Betschart
3. Peter Rust (sen.)
4. Anna Kaufmann
5. Andrea Hürlimann-Streiff
6. Alois Rust
7.  Ruedi Hürlimann
8.  Rita Rust
9. Otto Hürlimann
10. Urs Buner
11. Josef Fassbind
12. Marianne Meuwly
13. Beat Schäli
14. Philipp Suter
15. Rosmarie Hürlimann
16. Thomas Suter
17. Thierry Augsburger
18. Ruth Hürlimann
19. Rolf Reinhard
20. Marlen Rust

For more pictures see photo gallery Jasscup 2024

Playgroup children have been visiting the Mütschi retirement home in Walchwil on a regular basis for almost 8 years.

The children come together with the playgroup leaders from the Schmetterling and Waldeulen Walchwil playgroups. One of the playgroup leaders, Daisy Wilde, reports that it is always nice to see how open the children and residents are to meeting each other. Strong relationships develop between individual children and residents, so care is taken to ensure that these pairs are allowed to work together again and again. It is a great enrichment for them and everyone involved to be part of this project.

Various activities are planned together, such as baking Grittibänz, doing handicrafts, singing together or playing movement games.

The meetings take place about once a month, always on Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning. Everyone involved enjoys the time together and looks forward to the next visits.

Daisy Wilde

At the General Assembly on 24 January 2024, the members of the Walchwil Women's Sports Club approved the new statutes. The club is now called FSV Walchwil (Walchwil Women's Sports Club) and has a new logo.

The sports lessons in the new gym (Mondays and Wednesdays) are open to all women, whether young or more mature, new to Walchwil or who have lived here for some time. The club members warmly welcome all interested parties.

Renate Zimmermann
on behalf of the board of the FSV Walchwil

Walchwil has a new association: "iiszäpfä Walchwil". The "iiszäpfä" association was founded in November 2023.

The association is a mixed group of men and women who are dedicated to winter swimming and winter pools. The members meet regularly at the Walchwil or St. Adrian swimming pools to swim together in the cold waters of the region and enjoy the health benefits of winter swimming. The meetings usually take place on Sundays at 9.30 am.

Winter swimming has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it not only strengthens the immune system but also improves well-being. The members of the "iiszäpfä Walchwil" association are enthusiastic winter swimmers and enjoy sharing their passion with others.

Interested men and women can contact the "iiszäpfä Walchwil" association to find out more about winter swimming.

Brigitte van Dulmen


President: Brigitte van Dulmen, 079 418 95 93,
Vice-President: Dagrun Briem, 076 761 01 26,

We cordially invite you to this year's photo competition under the motto under the motto "Generations". Our focus is on the connections between people, nature and animals animals - we would like to see your creative perspectives on this on this topic. Your photographs should tell stories and capture the capture what connects the generations. We are looking forward to see lots of inspiring contributions and look forward to discovering the different to discover the different generations in Walchwil together.

An efficient and cost-effective way to carry out clearances is to use skips. Muldenservice Hürlimann offers various sizes and shapes of skips to minimise the effort and cost of clearances. The skip service places the skip as close as possible to the object to be cleared. With a professional team, the skip is removed and disposed of professionally.
Contact: Muldenservice Hürlimann, telephone 041 758 00 01.

It was unusually loud in Walchwil this Saturday. The Guggenmusig Cheschtänärigler performed their songs in front of the Sternen restaurant, creating an exuberant and cheerful atmosphere for young and old alike.

Beforehand, they met with the military shooting club for a memorial mass in the church, from where the music society accompanied the guests to Sternen to offer them their first drink. At the same time, the shooting club retired to the restaurant for the general meeting, which was held for the 145th time.

Traditional meeting
The rest of the attendees met in the Zugersee garage after the concert, which is considered a tradition. The shooting club and the carnival society provided the entertainment and offered the hungry carnival fans a delicious soup. Naturally, the celebrations continued well into the night to mark the start of the best time in Walchwil.

The rest of the Fasnacht programme

3 February 2024
Old gymnasium, 20:00 hrs
Square concert 19:30

8 February 2024
Carnival for young and old
Mütschi retirement home, 14:00 hrs

10 February 2024
Carnival Saturday
from 9:00 am Hedgehog sale throughout the village
9:00 am to 12:00 pm on the village square!

11 February 2024
Carnival service
Parish church of St John the Baptist, 10:00 am

13 February 2024
Children's gift-giving
Parish hall, 14:00

13 February 2024
Fyrabig Bar, 20:00

The Walchwil theatre group is celebrating its 70th anniversary. For decades, the group has been delighting audiences with its outstanding performances. Numerous talented actors and actresses have appeared on stage over the years and created unforgettable moments.

Rehearsals for the new play are in full swing – another step on the way to a successful performance. Under the direction of Othmar Müller, intensive rehearsals are underway to bring the play "Ganovenparty" to the stage perfectly.

The Walchwil theatre group looks back proudly on its long history and looks forward to many more years full of passion and the art of theatre.

The performance dates
Saturday, 9 March 2024
14:00 and 20:00
Wednesday, 13 March 2024
20:00 (theatre seating)
Saturday, 16 March 2024
Friday, 22 March 2024
20:00 hrs
Saturday, 23 March 2024
8:00 pm

For a pain-free and strong back

Studies show that the core muscles are noticeably weak in almost all back problems. It is therefore all the more important to keep the back muscles moving and, above all, to strengthen them with targeted exercises. That way, back pain no longer stands a chance!

Daniela Glanzner has a special back programme to quickly get back pain under control. With the motto: "feel totally fit and full of life".

The course dates in the Berg-und Seesaal parish centre are fixed.

Each Sunday evening from 19:00 to 20:30 on the following dates:
26 November 2023 / 3 December 2023 / 10 December 2023 / 17 December 2023 / 7 January 2024 / 14 January 2024 / 21 January 2024

Registration form
Mobile: 079 944 70 27
Whatsapp: 79 944 70 27

Medical Detox Centre GmbH / / Schulhausstrasse 19 / CH-6318 Walchwil

In summer 2024, Fabian Ziegler will step down as headmaster of Walchwil School after 14 years in the role. His successor has now also been decided and there is once again an internal solution. Patrizia Gut, who has worked as a special needs teacher in Walchwil for 12 years, will be responsible for Cycle 1 and Middle School 1 from 1 August 2024. The whole school management congratulates Patrizia Gut on her election and wishes her much joy and satisfaction in her challenging new role.

Rectorate Walchwil

On 2 January, the municipality invited residents to the traditional New Year's aperitif.

Young and old as well as some expats met in the community hall to toast the new year. Mayor Stefan Hermann welcomed the attendees and emphasised the importance of cohesion in the community. It was pleasing to see that some expats also took part in the event, emphasising the diversity and openness of the municipality of Walchwil. It was a successful event at which citizens, regardless of their origin, had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with representatives of the municipality and discuss their concerns.

For more pictures see photo gallery New Year's aperitif 2024

The SVKT women's sports club offers a wide range of gymnastics and fitness classes in the new gym in Walchwil. Participants have the opportunity to take part in yoga, Pilates, strength and flexibility, body shaping, deep work and other courses. Under expert guidance, they can strengthen their muscles, improve their flexibility and harmonise body and mind at the same time. Interested women are cordially invited to take part in the weekly classes and benefit from the wide range of activities offered by the SVKT Women's Sports Club.

Renate Zimmermann

Further information at
Frauensportverein Walchwil – Wir bieten Sport für Mädchen und Frauen jeden Alters

On Friday, 8 December 2023, the traditional Advent brunch for senior citizens took place in the Walchwil parish centre.

The event attracted over 60 people from the community, who looked forward to a cosy and festive atmosphere. The "Frohes Alter" catering team offered guests a variety of culinary delights. From savoury dishes to sweet treats, there was something for every taste. Organisers Eva and Sepp Traxler and their numerous helpers from the Walchwil women's community ensured that everything ran smoothly and that the guests were warmly entertained. Visitors not only enjoyed the delicious food, but also the opportunity to socialise with other members of the community and celebrate the pre-Christmas season together. The traditional Advent brunch in the parish centre was a complete success and will certainly take place again next year.

More pictures see picture gallery Frohes Alter

40 years ago, Walchwil had a population of around 2300, in 1994 it passed the 3,000 mark and with the birth of little Isabella Sophia Scheuermann, the village now has a population of 4000.

Melanie Ritz and Michael Scheuermann moved to the village in November, just a few weeks before the birth of their first child. They already feel very much at home in Walchwil and have been well received.

"We are a village with a strong sense of community, an active club culture and - when Isabella is ready in a few years' time – a good, family-orientated school. We are delighted when newcomers take part in our village life and help to ensure that Walchwil remains a vibrant community. And children are our future," says mayor Stefan Hermann. All the snow these days makes you think of a Christmas story. But we don't want to overdo it with the symbolism, smiles Hermann.

Walchwil doesn't just want to grow in numbers
Committed people who integrate themselves, but also contribute new ideas and help to further develop the second smallest municipality in the canton of Zug in terms of population in a positive way are important.

In the municipal strategy, Walchwil is aiming for moderate growth to around 4300 to 4600 people by 2040. It is important for the identity of the village to maintain its rural character with plenty of green space. The mayor therefore presented the parents of little Isabella with a "Walchwil bag" containing culinary specialities produced in the village. Even if baby Isabella – the real person of honour – unfortunately cannot enjoy any of it and slept through her grand entrance in her mother's arms.

Walchwil municipal council

Municipal clerk Beat Hunziker, father Michael Scheuermann, mother Melanie Ritz with baby Isabella, mayor Stefan Hermann.

On Sunday 26 November, the popular hobby artist and Christmas market took place in Walchwil.

The event was organised by FC Walchwil and offered visitors the opportunity to discover handmade works of art and Christmas decorations from numerous exhibitors. The stall holders presented their lovingly handcrafted works, which could be admired and purchased by visitors. For many years, visitors have appreciated the many facets of the hobby and handicrafts on display. The whole event was framed by musical performances by the Walchwil Music School and the Riviera Band, which created a festive atmosphere. It was a great opportunity for local hobby artists to showcase their work and for visitors to find unique gifts for the upcoming Christmas season.

For more pictures see photo gallery.

After a three-year break, the popular FC Walchwil Chlaus tournament finally took place again.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament could not take place in the last two years. In 2022, the organisers were also unavailable. The coveted Chlaus Cup was contested in two age groups. The children and parents were all the more delighted that the tournament could finally be held again. The players showed full commitment and fought for victory with great passion.

Patrick Willemsen

In summer 2024, the headmaster of Walchwil School, Beat Schäli, will be taking a new direction at the end of the 2023/24 school year after 7 years of leadership. The municipal council has already been able to arrange his successor and has appointed Fabian Ziegler, headteacher at Walchwil School, as the new headteacher of Walchwil School from 1 August 2024. Fabian Ziegler has been successfully teaching at primary level in Walchwil since summer 2004. He has been headmaster of Walchwil primary school and kindergarten since 2010. He has completed school management training and a Master's degree in school management. The municipal council congratulates Fabian Ziegler on his election and wishes him much joy and satisfaction in his challenging new role.

Walchwil Municipal Council

On Saturday, 18 November, the traditional Heimatabend took place in the community hall. 

The event in the community hall was all about local culture. Numerous talented yodellers from the region presented their skills and delighted the audience with their impressive voices. The Walchwil children's traditional costume group, the Walchwil Sännechind and the Ägerital/Walchwil traditional costume dance group also showed off their skills with their traditional dances. Another highlight of the evening was the guest club Echo vom Mythen Schwyz, whose impressive performance was met with enthusiasm. The evening was hosted by Patrick Rub, who was very well received by the audience with his witty and charming presentation. The evening offered visitors a wonderful opportunity to experience local culture and tradition up close.

More pictures see image gallery.

Meisterschaft Junioren D

Samstag, 4. November 2023
SC Cham c - FC Walchwil 7:1

Milo Toni Masoch; Mikhail Chudakov Glaser, Finn Annen; Elias Kreuzbauer, Leo Körner, Julian Portmann (C), Diego Britschgi; Oliver Wielgosz, Luke Francis Kos.

Erik Castro, Louis Peter Hürlimann, Fabio Bochsler.

Beda Rust.

1. FC Küssnacht a/R a 9/24, 2. Zug 94 b 9/24, 3. SC Cham c 9/19, 4. FC Adligenswil b 9/19, 5. FC Hochdorf b 9/15, 6. FC Walchwil 9/12, 7. SK Root a 9/9, 8. FC Sins/Dietwil b 9/4,  9. FC Meggen b 9/4, 10. FC Brunnen Mythen 9/3.

The international project choir Walchwil (concert choir of the Walchwil church choir) performs Carmen by Georges Bizet in a concert version together with the Siebnen wind orchestra, a top-class symphonic wind orchestra. The Misa Tango by Argentinian composer Martin Palmeri will also be performed.

The fiery works will be performed on Saturday, 16 December 2023 at 8 pm in the Buechberghalle, Wangen SZ and on Sunday, 17 December 2023 at 5 pm in the Aegerihalle in Unterägeri. Both events will be hosted by Rolf Sommer.

A visit to the concert is highly recommended. Tickets can be purchased at

Roland Diener

The municipal council anticipates an income surplus of CHF 1ʹ229ʹ900 for 2024 and an unchanged tax rate of 53%.

The income statement for 2024 envisages expenses of CHF 25.44 million and income of CHF 26.67 million. This results in an income surplus of CHF 1.23 million. This budgeted surplus is based on an unchanged tax rate of 53%.

Compared to the 2023 budget, expenditure for the current budget is CHF 1.76 million higher. This is mainly due to higher salary costs resulting from the new cantonal personnel law for teachers. Other factors are cost-of-living increases, additional costs for contributions to the pension fund and slightly higher workloads in administration. Extraordinary and one-off expenses for centre planning, local planning, the "Integrated Communication" project and the school's IT migration will also result in additional expenditure.

In terms of revenue, the 2024 budget also foresees an increase of CHF 2.97 million compared to the previous year. This is because both the expected tax revenue and the expected revenue from property gains tax will increase.

Walchwil has costs under control

"We are pleased that the municipality of Walchwil continues to be well positioned and has its costs under control," says a pleased Stefan Hermann, president of the municipality. This year, the municipal council has intensively dealt with the future of the village. Wishes and suggestions from the population have also been taken on board. "Thanks to our prudent financial policy, we have our own funds to gradually realise these development steps," says Hermann.

In 2024, investments of CHF 2.18 million are planned. Of this, CHF 0.99 million will be spent on road renovations. A first stage for photovoltaic systems on communal properties is now included. The investment account includes CHF 150,000 for the school's IT migration. CHF 220,000 are budgeted for the centre planning. CHF 200,000 is budgeted for the redesign of the square in the Oberdorf area. CHF 165,000 is budgeted for a new municipal vehicle.

Walchwil Municipal Council

At least, that is the intention of the new structure plan, which has been available for public consultation since 8 September until 6 November 2023:

A section of it for Walchwil:

The very popular, narrow hiking trail from the village via Usseregg to the Walchwilerberg should therefore be officially allowed to be used as a downhill trail from Forchwaldstrasse. Even though most bikers carefully pass by hikers, there are unfortunately always those who recklessly thunder downhill, frightening and endangering hikers.

The very beautiful hiking trail, which branches off from Hinterbegstrasse shortly above the centre of Elisabeth and leads to point 840, should now also be considered a downhill trail. So far I haven't met any bikers on this narrow, partly blocked path. However, this should change as soon as the new official map for the cantonal bicycle network is approved and published by the cantonal council.

Alois Weber, Walchwil

The days of the Bistro Riviera on the village square in Walchwil are numbered.

The operator Renate Baur announced that she would not be renewing the existing contract and would be handing over the restaurant on 31 March 2024. Renate Baur: "Based on the figures, I will not renew the lease after three years. But we still have a lot of great events until then and I'm looking forward to hosting them."

For reasons still unknown, a 70-year-old woman drove her car through a flower bed near the cemetery car park at 4 p.m. on Saturday, broke through a hedge and fell about three metres. The driver of the vehicle escaped with her scare and was uninjured. The car had to be recovered by a mobile crane. The damage to property is considerable.

Source: Zug police

On Monday, 18 September, the newcomers' aperitif took place in the community hall.

Those invited were welcomed with an impressive performance by the alphorn players "Echo vo dä Bärenegg". Municipal President Stefan Hermann gave the newcomers an insight into the municipality of Walchwil and introduced the individual members of the municipal council.

Manuel Studer, Head of Education/Culture, compared his village with the Gallic village in France and presented its history in words and pictures. He emphasised the stoic character and the cohesion of the people of Walchwil. Brigitte van Dulmen and Patrick Willemsen showed pictures of the many activities and events organised by the associations. They recommended the newcomers to join an association for a quick integration.

After the presentation, the invited guests enjoyed a delicious aperitif to the sound of the alphorn and were presented with cheese, honey and kirsch from Walchwil before going home.

Brigitte van Dulmen/Patrick Willemsen

Currently everyone is talking about ChatGPT. But what is behind the term and what added value can the use of AI, especially ChatGPT, offer?

ChatGPT – A Text-Based AI Application
Artificial intelligence (AI for short) refers to computer technologies developed to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. In this process, computers are designed to learn to recognize patterns, make decisions, and solve problems. AI is playing an ever-increasing role in our daily lives, providing us with assistance and convenience through voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, personalized movie recommendations on Netflix, or facial recognition on our smartphone camera.

ChatGPT is an AI program that interacts with users via text according to a question-answer pattern. It can answer questions, write texts, and respond to various requests as if it were a real human. To make this possible, the tool was trained with a large amount of text data to generate contextual and relevant answers. All users have to do is type in a question. The program then answers in complete sentences

Multiple ways of use – private and professional
In private everyday life ChatGPT can be used in many ways. For example, if you want to know what makes Walchwil unique, one of the things mentioned is the strong sense of community with the lively community life, which contributes positively to the social network in our community. You can also look for recipes by asking the program for dinner ideas. If you are looking for entertainment, you can simply chat with the AI application and share jokes or riddles.

In professional life, ChatGPT can also be very useful: For example, you can ask the program for ideas for a creative brand name or have it generate text suggestions for blog articles, emails or product descriptions. The AI tool can also support research by providing information on specific topics.

The potential fields of use for ChatGPT are many and varied. It can help in numerous situations, answer questions, give ideas, and save time, making it a useful tool in everyday private and professional life.

Human vs. ChatGPT: Will we soon be replaced by AI?
No! AI can help us in many areas, especially when it comes to automating repetitive tasks or analyzing large amounts of data, but human expertise is still essential! For example, AI cannot fully replicate the creativity, strategic thinking, and empathy of humans. However, learning the right way to use AI tools can be rewarding for us both personally and professionally!

Are you interested in the use of AI? We will be happy to advise and train you!

Who we are:
digital nalu is a digital boutique specialized in data-driven marketing. It was founded 4 years ago by Holger & Ricarda von Ellerts in Walchwil. As a local company, we understand the unique needs of our clients – whether it's a massage practice, an industrial business or an online store. Our goal is to help businesses effectively reach their customers in the digital world. We offer consulting, planning and the implementation of digital marketing solutions.

Hey Holger, what do you know about Walchwil? Get in touch with me!

digital nalu GmbH
Rossblattenstrasse 4
CH-6318 Walchwil
phone: ‭+41 41 562 02 92

After 5 1/2 hours of matches at 33 Celsius, Tim Sarkanj, as the youngest participant in the U14 Category, became Vice Champion at the Junior Canton Tennis Championship of Zug!
Bravo and congratulations Tim


Another Vice-Champion
Alexey Minakov, in the U12 category, also fought for the title for over 2 1/2 hours. Bravo Alexey and congratulations!

No one enjoys the sight of this.

Walchwil undoubtedly has a well-functioning waste disposal system. Nevertheless, even in our beautiful village, rubbish ends up in nature time and again.

Along Walchwil's roads and footpaths, one encounters carelessly discarded rubbish time and again. Throwing away or leaving rubbish in public places and in nature is not only ugly to look at, it also has serious ecological and economic consequences. We don't want that in Walchwil! Please take the rubbish with you and dispose of it properly.

A speed limit of 30 km/h in town centres is no longer a rarity in Switzerland. Introducing it in Walchwil in the Engel/Sternen/Oberdorfstrasse/Aesch triangle should at least be worth a discussion.

According to surveys, safety is an important need for many residents of a locality. A speed limit of 30 km/h in town centres has been shown to increase the safety of all road users, be they children, senior citizens, pedestrians or cyclists. Thanks to lower speeds, communication among all road users improves, aggressive behaviour decreases and mutual consideration grows.

The number and severity of traffic accidents in neighbourhoods also decreases at a speed of 30 km/h. Based on extensive accident evaluations, it can be statistically determined that the consequences of injuries worsen disproportionately with increasing speed. At lower speeds, school routes become less dangerous and slower road users feel safer.

Under certain circumstances, a speed limit of 30 kph may even create space for playing and social activities. Drivers also lose little time, but have a better view of the traffic situation. Meanwhile, residents living in a 30 km/h zone enjoy more peace and quiet and a better quality of life.

The legal basis for 30 km/h, i.e. for a deviation from the general speed limit, is Art. 108 SSV (Signalling Ordinance) of 1979. Paragraph 1 of the article states that the speed limit may be restricted in particular to avoid or reduce particular hazards, to reduce excessive pollution and to improve traffic flow.

Sources: Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz (VCS), Advice centre for accident prevention (BFU)

The senior citizens' barbecue in the parish centre was a complete success.

60 people came to the traditional event in summery temperatures. The seniors enjoyed delicious grilled meats and a variety of salads. An excellent dessert at the end concluded the great afternoon.

More pictures see photo gallery.

Anyone who earns more than a million a year can save a lot of tax in Central Switzerland. The municipalities of Wollerau SZ, Feusisberg SZ and Walchwil ZG stand out in particular.

The top ten municipalities with the highest millionaire density include four municipalities in Central Switzerland. Wollerau SZ and Feusisberg SZ are at the top. Also represented are Walchwil ZG and Freienbach SZ.

Incidentally, apart from Central Switzerland, the highest number of income millionaires in Switzerland is to be found on Lake Geneva.

These are the top ten
11. Wollerau SZ (4.1 percent)
12. Feusisberg SZ (3.3 percent)
13. Vandoeuvres GE (3.2 per cent)
14. Cologny GE (2.7 per cent)
15. Walchwil ZG (2.2 per cent)
16. Freienbach SZ (2.1 per cent)
17. Pierrafortscha FR (2 percent)
18. Rossenges VD (2 percent)
19. Buchillon VD (1.9 per cent)
10. Küsnacht ZH (1.9 percent)

The municipal council has taken note of the 2022 financial statement. The 2022 income statement shows a surplus of CHF 2.0 million with revenues of CHF 26.5 million and expenses of CHF 24.5 million. A surplus of CHF 42,000 was budgeted.

On 7 March, the General Assembly of the Women's Community of Walchwil took place with great participation.

After the memorial service in the chapel of the Mütschi old people's home in honour of the deceased of the Women's Community, a delicious dinner was served at the Restaurant Aesch. Strengthened, they then proceeded to the 102. General Assembly, which was opened by Nicole Rust. 

The Women's Community is deeply rooted in Walchwil with all its sub-organisations. It is a community of women, regardless of age, status, nationality, denomination and politics. A broad social network is created through the many women who volunteer. Values such as social anchoring, culture, tradition, further education and health care are cultivated with various favourable offers throughout the year. The focus is always on the community.

Dear Walchwil residents,
dear patients

After more than 28 years as a family doctor in Walchwil, I am handing over my practice to younger hands as of the new year. I am pleased to have found two experienced doctors in Dr. med. Dario Pianezzi & Dr. med. Robert Schweingruber. Thanks to their roots in central Switzerland and their many years of work at the Zug Cantonal Hospital, both senior physicians have excellent networks.

They will begin their work in the practice on 1 March 2023.

The relief associated with the transfer of the practice will allow me to continue to pursue my beloved work as a family doctor with vigour.

I am also pleased that the existing team of doctors will be strengthened with Dr. med. Dagmar Pable, Dr. med. Rahel Hüsser and Dr. med. univ. Karin Piribauer.

The working hours required for GP care in the community have increased in parallel with the number of inhabitants and the reinforcement by the two doctors is more than highly welcome and also necessary.

I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us over the years and hope that you will also show this to the new colleagues.

Christian Mortier, MD

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"My interest in and fascination with craftsmanship is great. My customers also feel this and are inspired and carried away by my enthusiasm."


Kontur plant GmbH
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Number of nations (incl. Swiss): 68
Population: 3897

Largest groups of foreigners in Walchwil
Germany: 336
Great Britain: 164
Italy: 62
Russia: 58
France: 57
Denmark: 50
Netherlands: 50
Sweden: 44
Belgium: 40
USA: 39

These nationalities live in Walchwil
Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cabo Verde, China, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Eritrea, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Austria, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Korea (South), Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts and Nevis, South Africa, Sweden. Kitts and Nevis, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Venezuela, USA, UK, Vietnam.

Data as of 31.12.2019. There are no more recent data on the foreign resident population in Switzerland. The data from the previous year are published on 1 September of the following year.
The data was collected by the Federal Statistical Office and the Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich.

Walchwil is one of the top 10 municipalities in Central Switzerland for naturalisations

In the last ten years, a total of 189 people have been naturalised in Walchwil. Compared to the rest of Central Switzerland, this is a high number in relation to the size of the population.

People from the following regions were naturalised:
European non-EU countries 110, EU countries 47, South and Central America, Caribbean 9, Africa 8, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway) 6, North America 5, Oceania 4.

Source: FSO

From mid-June, we will supply you with fresh eggs from happy hens every week.

Every Wednesday morning, we will deliver your desired number of eggs from the Hühnermobil directly to your letterbox (free delivery in the municipality of Walchwil), You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe via the contact form. Interrupting the subscription during the holidays is also no problem. Simply send a short message (at least 2 days in advance).  Empty egg cartons deposited in the letterbox will be reused.

Three times a year you will receive a collective invoice for your payments.

If you don't want to commit to a subscription (yet), there is also the possibility to get the eggs directly in our little egg hut in Hinterbalis.

4 organic eggs box CHF 3.50
6 organic eggs box CHF 4.80
10 organic eggs box CHF 7.90
It doesn't get any fresher or better than this!

Organic Natura Beef

Quality meat - from natural feeding. Bio Natura-Beef is meat from 10-month-old calves from suckler cow husbandry. We market our meat regionally. This also means that our butchers Theiler in Allenwinden ( and Uelihof in Ebikon ( are only a few kilometres away. This also keeps the transport distance for the animals as short as possible. After slaughter, the meat is stored on the bone for 10 days to mature. This makes the meat tender and juicy. Then it is portioned, vacuum-packed and labelled. It is ready packed and can be collected from our farm.

Buy mixing packs

We sell 10 kg mixing packages. One package contains:

– Filet oder Huft
– Entrecote
– Hohrücken
– Plätzli à la minute
– Saftplätzli
– Braten
– Ragout
– Geschnetzeltes
– Hackfleisch
– Siedfleisch

Price per kilogram CHF 32.–

Shelf life: 12 months frozen.

Familie Hürlimann-Gisler / Hinterbalis / 6318 Walchwil / Handy 079 733 15 69 /  /

Under the motto "join in - stay fit" we meet every Thursday in the gym or in summer outside to do something together for our fitness - but also for fun & games. And about once a month we devote ourselves to social activities.

We are active and adventurous men from the age of 30 to over 80. Exercise, fitness, fun and sociability as well as camaraderie are more important to us than sporting excellence. So there is often hearty laughter during the game. After the "fit" there is a small drink to discuss current weekly topics or simply to quench the thirst.

In addition to gymnastics, we go on excursions and actively participate in village life. Trained or untrained, all are welcome.

Would you like to do some exercise in a friendly, sociable atmosphere? Then sign up for a non-binding trial training.

Weekly gym session
Thursday, 20.00 to 21.30
Schulhausstrasse 44
6318 Walchwil

At Mundschöpfiweg 2 in Walchwil there is a small free library for self-service.

The concept is very simple: "Take a book – Bring a book", whereby the latter is voluntary. You can also simply take a book (or several) with you if you don't have one to give away. Registration is not necessary.

Books for all ages and in all languages are welcome. Those with offensive or illegal content will be disposed of.

Walchwil presents massively better figures than expected in 2021.

The income surplus in the past year is around 6.5 million francs. The budget envisaged a plus of 1.8 million francs.

The 2021 income statement of the municipality of Walchwil shows an income surplus of 6.5 million francs with income of around 29 million francs and expenses of around 22.5 million francs. The budget called for an income surplus of around CHF 1.8 million.

The net assets in 2021 are around 13.2 million Swiss francs, which results in a per capita wealth of almost 3400 Swiss francs. The number of inhabitants has risen from 3824 to 3897.

to lead a healthy, successful and balanced life. With Hypnotherapy and Coaching …

Hypnotherapy & Coaching in Walchwil

Living happily is easier said than done. Now and then we all need a little support. With the help of effective hypnotherapy and resource-oriented coaching, I am here to support you to make thoughtful positive changes in your life, in my office in Walchwil or online.

Promoting health!

You don't have to get healthy to live the life of your dreams. You may start living the life of your dreams so that you can finally get healthy. With competently applied hypnotherapy and coaching!

What should you bring along?
Motivation and the will to make a healthy change coupled with a positive attitude and curiosity.

What can you expect from me?
Empathy, attention, reliability, and methodical competence.

Time for what really matters! For you!

Tomorrow is soon, so let’s start today!

My office is located in the building of the Health Centre Walchwil, Dorfstrasse 4 (next to the Zuger Kantonalbank).

Barbara Bauer / Cert. Hypnotherapist & Coach / Phone +41 41 322 10 10 / / /

The website, an initiative by the local newspaper designer Kurt Hildbrand, wants to inform people without commercial interests about the different aspects and characteristics of Walchwil’s village life: about everyday happenings, politics, economy, culture and sports. It wants to act as a digital link between long-established local groups and interests, but also help newcomers from Switzerland and abroad to settle in better in the community.

It wants to report, but also to entertain - as a varied and colorful kaleidoscope of Walchwil and its population. The website does not want to be a one-way street, but rather strives to be an interactive medium to whose content all Walchwil residents, regardless of their origin, political leaning or world view, are cordially invited to contribute. wants to be on target.