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From mid-June, we will supply you with fresh eggs from happy hens every week.

Every Wednesday morning, we will deliver your desired number of eggs from the Hühnermobil directly to your letterbox (free delivery in the municipality of Walchwil), You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe via the contact form. Interrupting the subscription during the holidays is also no problem. Simply send a short message (at least 2 days in advance).  Empty egg cartons deposited in the letterbox will be reused.

Three times a year you will receive a collective invoice for your payments.

If you don't want to commit to a subscription (yet), there is also the possibility to get the eggs directly in our little egg hut in Hinterbalis.

4 organic eggs box CHF 3.50
6 organic eggs box CHF 4.80
10 organic eggs box CHF 7.90
It doesn't get any fresher or better than this!

Organic Natura Beef

Quality meat - from natural feeding. Bio Natura-Beef is meat from 10-month-old calves from suckler cow husbandry. We market our meat regionally. This also means that our butchers Theiler in Allenwinden ( and Uelihof in Ebikon ( are only a few kilometres away. This also keeps the transport distance for the animals as short as possible. After slaughter, the meat is stored on the bone for 10 days to mature. This makes the meat tender and juicy. Then it is portioned, vacuum-packed and labelled. It is ready packed and can be collected from our farm.

Buy mixing packs

We sell 10 kg mixing packages. One package contains:

– Filet oder Huft
– Entrecote
– Hohrücken
– Plätzli à la minute
– Saftplätzli
– Braten
– Ragout
– Geschnetzeltes
– Hackfleisch
– Siedfleisch

Price per kilogram CHF 32.–

Shelf life: 12 months frozen.

Familie Hürlimann-Gisler / Hinterbalis / 6318 Walchwil / Handy 079 733 15 69 /  /

Anyone who earns more than a million a year can save a lot of tax in Central Switzerland. The municipalities of Wollerau SZ, Feusisberg SZ and Walchwil ZG stand out in particular.

The top ten municipalities with the highest millionaire density include four municipalities in Central Switzerland. Wollerau SZ and Feusisberg SZ are at the top. Also represented are Walchwil ZG and Freienbach SZ.

Incidentally, apart from Central Switzerland, the highest number of income millionaires in Switzerland is to be found on Lake Geneva.

These are the top ten
11. Wollerau SZ (4.1 percent)
12. Feusisberg SZ (3.3 percent)
13. Vandoeuvres GE (3.2 per cent)
14. Cologny GE (2.7 per cent)
15. Walchwil ZG (2.2 per cent)
16. Freienbach SZ (2.1 per cent)
17. Pierrafortscha FR (2 percent)
18. Rossenges VD (2 percent)
19. Buchillon VD (1.9 per cent)
10. Küsnacht ZH (1.9 percent)

The Riviera Café will reopen in late summer with a new catering concept. The municipality is delighted that the search for a new, experienced tenant has been successful. There is an interim solution for the "Freie Bühne" in June and July.

From 10 June to 5 July 2024, the village square will become the "Freie Bühne" – a highlight in Walchwil's calendar of events with numerous concerts and other performances. Guests can not only enjoy the performances in the open air, but also linger over food and drink and socialise, as they do every year. The responsible cultural commission was able to organise a solution for the catering area with the "Fyrabig Metzg".

Some structural adjustments are still necessary before the Riviera Café reopens after the summer holidays. More details on the tenant and concept will follow in June/July 2024.

Walchwil municipal council