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Another round

From Tuesday, 11 June 2024, to Wednesday, 3 July 2024, it's once again time to ‘See, be seen and try things out’ on the village square.

The Freie Bühne is a platform for all amateurs and artists who enjoy performing. Whether music, theatre, dance or something unusual. (Almost) anything is possible.
In good weather, the events take place on the village square.

In bad weather in the parish hall or directly in the Riviera Café. Catering is provided by ‘Fyrabig Metzg’, while Irene and Remo Heinrich liven up the Riviera Café during the open-air stage. The Riviera Café opens 1 hour before the start of each event.

Come along and experience culture in all its diversity in the centre of Walchwil!

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