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Bicycle collection campaign 2024

Do you have an unused bike at home and nobody wants to take care of it? Now it's easy! From 27 to 29 August 2024, disused bikes will be collected directly from your front door and donated to a good cause.

This is how it works:

You live in Walchwil or another municipality that is taking part. *

  1. Fill in the form to register your bicycle donations by 21 August. Formular zur Anmeldung der Velospenden
  2. After the registration deadline, we will send you labels by post with which you can mark your raffle tickets.
  3. We collect the registered bikes from your home. With your donation, you support the mobility of people in Africa.

Velafrica successfully combines integration work in Switzerland with development co-operation in Africa. The non-profit organisation has been collecting disused bicycles since 1993. These are checked and, if necessary, repaired by unemployed people and people with disabilities in social institutions in Switzerland.

They are then transported by shipping container to partner organisations in seven African countries. There, the bicycles make it easier for many people to get to school or work and transport heavy loads. Because the roads in Africa are often unpaved, mountain bikes are particularly popular. However, Velafrica accepts all types of bicycles and finds a useful use for every bike.

The following municipalities are served:
Affoltern am Albis, Arth, Aeugst am Albis, Allenwinden, Baar, Cham, Ebertswil, Goldau, Hausen am Albis, Hagendorn, Hünenberg, Hünenberg See, Immensee, Kappel am Albis, Knonau, Küssnacht am Rigi, Maschwanden, Meierskappel, Menzingen, Mettmenstetten, Neuheim, Oberägeri, Oberwil bei Zug, Obfelden, Ottenbach, Rifferswil, Rotkreuz-Risch, Steinhausen, Unterägeri, Walchwil, Zug.


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